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    A couple of GV heifer pics .

    :2cents: I prefer the black heifer, deeper, looks like a heifer :2cents:
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    If you were going to guess

    Aside from genuinely disliking cowgirl8, what do you see that is so horrible about this bull?
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    Evening Serenade

    If you don't mind my asking, Why only 15 cows to 80 acres? Trying to breed your own instead of buying? I respect this. However if it was mine I would have 2 groups, junk salebarn cows in one pasture and these good cows in a different one. Bull wouldn't have to be as good either. The salebarn...
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    Brahman cross calves

    Brangus bull if ya want ear
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    Bull Selection

    If they are the clubby bred ones I would wait until atleast their 3rd calf. Absolutely do not use the clubby maines on heifers. Even with the Brama in there. They're (Maines) not usually going to be easy calvers unless you get some from a program that is commercailly oriented such as ZNT cattle...
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    Poopy Head

    Wish he had a better top line. Other than that he is a good calf who has a lot of growth and a lot of potential.
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    Gelbvieh roll call

    Here is a link to the bull I bought. There is only one pictured but they look similar. Dark red. Stout. THICK. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=90472&start=15 Using these bulls over two groups of 30 cows at different farms. Keeping all of their march born daughters and planning to completely overhaul the...
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    charolais calving question

    Limo, Gelbvieh, or Simmi. 3-WAY-CROSS
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    Maturity Rate

    This is sort of evidence to the 'bigger cow - later puberty' theory. Nesikep has larger than average cows in general and he just said the frame 8 heifer (largest) was the last one to start cycling. I said sort of because it is such a small sample size. Here the biggest heifers cycle first but I...
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    2 yr old Galloway Bull

    How much does his dam weigh? Paternal Grand-dam? With all of his extreme capacity I begin to wonder just how much a frame 4-5 cow ends up weighing. Then again if I had a large field full of those..... I wouldn't care 'cause they'd probably wean a high percent of body weight no matter how much...
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    2 yr old Galloway Bull

    All the best with promoting the Galloway breed as a viable commercial option. What attributes do you see the Galloway genetics offering the commercial cattleman that mainstream breeds like Angus and hereford can't already give them? Andrew Hybrid vigor, muscle, thickness, and hair :cowboy:
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    Raising Chianina

    How do they milk compared to an Angus or Simmental?
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    Bought Gelbvieh Bulls

    The bull pictured is Reg. # 1231292. Other bull is Reg.# 1237012. One thing that impressed me about every bull that I saw while I was there (287 in the sale-all raised by Judd's) was the width, they are wider than the old bulls that we have. They have made a habit of fighting the two old bulls...
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    The Decision has been Made Gelbvieh Sire

    Reminds me a lot (in type) of our heifer bull/ clean up bull. He appears to have good numbers too, I would expect his daughters to do well in a low input environment, because he doesn't have much muscle tone. On the other hand he could use more but he is pretty nice for me.
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    Raising Chianina

    Purebreds: are mostly show cattle (small framed, large BW, very muscular, and grow a lot of hair. Most of the bulls below are Chi-influenced. Many have more chi than maine. These show well but give the breeds bad reps. as commercial breeds. Full...