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    I don't mind answering the questions at all. We appreciate your support. The Power Keg, Pow'R Lyk Tub and Power Meal all have a recommended feeding rate of 1 lb. per head, per day. When that cow eats a 1 lb. she also is getting 4 oz. of Concept-Aid mineral, which is the feeding rate we also...
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    Since Drugs.com posting this information the Power Keg now also contains a Guarantee for Cobalt. As well some of the ingredients have changed due to an update in the formula. Now each of our Protein products, Power Keg, Pow'R Lyk and Power Meal, contain a bag of our Concept-Aid mineral in them...
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    nose flap weaning?

    Our family did it and tested two groups. Our bull calves weighed 100 more lbs. late fall compared to the other group that we did not use them on. We really like them. You will have a few those that get them off. Way lower stress even with getting them in twice.
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    Bryan, glad to hear you have placed an order. I am not sure how that drugs.com website got our information. A bunch of it is incorrect. We have actually been trying for the last month to get it taken down. Here is a brochure on all our protein products, it lists the Guaranteed Analysis for each...
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    We do still offer the Power Keg in addition to Pow'R Lyk (which is also 20% protein, but molasses based). One improvement that has been made is that both the Power Keg and Pow'R Lyk tubs contain a bag of our Concept-Aid mineral. If you have questions feel free to email me at [email protected]
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    I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with our website. If there is any product information you would like sent to you or you would like someone to give you a call please email me a [email protected] We are actually in the process of doing some updates to our website. However...
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    Champion of Champions airing on RFD-TV tonight

    Check out Champion of Champions tonight at 8 Eastern on RFD-TV. The show will feature Angus youth and the National Junior Angus Show. Here is a sneak peak at one of the segments. It is my favorite. VZpUUSFU8h0
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    Feeding Quality Forum slated for August

    This is an excellent conference to attend. I am always impressed with the speakers. The program will take place in Omaha, Nebraska, on August 23, and in Garden City, Kansas on August 25. The Forum addresses key issues with feeding cattle and other issues in agriculture. To register, visit...
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    Grand Champion Steer at NJAS

    Congrats to the winners. u2TDC-5Owl4
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    Video: Angus Bull Champions

    Well, I guess I'll stick my neck out there again and show you the Owned and Bred and Owned Champion Female videos. qnj-0k3kupY imgYADjq-1g
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    Video: Angus Bull Champions

    Yesterday (Thursday) the Bred-and-Owned Bull Champions were selected. You can see all the results at www.njas.info tJF4Kv-n57E
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    Video: National Junior Angus Show Bred-and-Owned Champions

    The bred and owned show is all wrapped up at the National Junior Angus Show. Below is the video of the Bred-and-Owned winners. Two great Angus families. There are lots of photos and updates on the NJAA facbeook page and more videos will be coming. imgYADjq-1g You can see all the results at...
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    our cattle

    Good luck! I hope you have had a great time with your projects.
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    It's pretty hard to stay away from the cattle business

    I've been going through some of my favorite YouTube videos and wanted to share this one. I think it proves that it is pretty sure to stay away from the cattle business. It gets into your blood. xBZ8FvB7gU8
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    Tips for selecting a feed yard

    This video give some great advice on selecting a feed yard, no matter what breed of cattle you have. hdxV-3ij650