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    now they want to take away ALL OTC tetracycline. (LA200,etc)

    when people get tired of the hoops to jump threw and we get our meat from south America ,it will be interesting to see how that is regulated
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    Ryzup Smartgrass

    Just wondering if anyone has used this and if you seen a growth spurt after put on? thanks
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    Show your calf pictures.

    Prolly a keeper
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    Could really use some prayers Today

    just seen this Vic,we sure will pray for the little feller
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    Breedback Success on First Calvers

    they claim a shot of multi min will help on breed back,i think they wanted it 60 days ahead of breeding,seems more and more people using it
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    The movie "Unbranded"

    i thought it was very good also
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    Request for Prayers

    well do Vic,hope all is going good
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    youngest heifer to calve??

    I had one years ago at 12 months,lucky that the longhorn I was using on heifers atb the time got her,she calved on her own,even had enough milk to raise it,that bull was mostly jackrabbit I think
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    Why men dont like reading instuctions

    lol yes a joke,kinda started when i asked my wife that question and you should have seen the eye roll,lol
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    Why men dont like reading instuctions

    then we are back to if i had whole milk do i use 1/4 cup since it said use 2 %???
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    Why men dont like reading instuctions

    yea my thought too,but my wife is on a health kick ,she buys groceries so i am stuck with what she buys
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    Why men dont like reading instuctions

    Last night my wife went shopping and came home with a bucket of chicken,so to be helpful i go to cupboard and get instant potatoes to make to go with it,the box says to add "1/2 cup 2 % milk" i go to the fridge and all we have is 1%,so i ask her since we have 1 % do i need to add 1 cup?? she...
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    Gelbvieh bulls

    this is one I raised,been getting nice calves from him
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    Interesting set of horse papers

    I agree should be working fool
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    Very grateful for this calf!

    I don't know much about brangus, but he looks very nice :clap: