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    Ok, I need some advice. I would like to cross some of our Angus cows with Simmental this year. My question is, where do I start. Would I be better to cross them with a purebred Simmental bull or a simangus(5/8sim and 3/8angus). I also have some Angus cows with some Hereford in them, would I...
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    Cold Weather Starting

    For everyone in the cold weather, did everything start OK for you today? We did pretty good this morning, everything was plugged in and has winter fuel in it. It always feels like your "winning" when things start on a cold day :D Jenna
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    Patches vs. Painting

    We paint at our dairy, but I use patches for our beef herd. Simple fact, the paint wears off and needs to be re-applied if out in the weather for long periods of time. The estrotect patches have worked good for me. jenna
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    AI trouble *face palm*

    I felt the same way you did when I first started AI'ing. It will come. I suggest you dont start with a synced group, too much pressure on you. A older calm cow on a good natural heat will get your confidence in my opinion. Some will say heifers are easiest to do, some say cows. I think Once you...
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    New AI Tech

    Maybe post an ad on craigslist stating you will A.I. for others at no cost (free arm service,semen cost only). friend of mine did that and she got a few jobs around her. They were a lot of family type milk cow deals, but they were very happy to work with her and she got some good practice. Just...
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    I was curious if anyone has there own ultrasound, to be more specific for repro work like preg checking? I'm sure they are costly, but I imagine they have come down in price some in recent years. I have nothing against our great vet doing it, but here's The reason I'm asking: We both work off...
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    Deere 4020 Suprise

    Sorry for the delay! First, thanks for all the great ideas! I tried to find an old photo of his dad and the tractor, but that turned out to be harder then finding the actual tractor, lol!! I might still try and do that down the road when I have some more time. I'll try and explain without...
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    Preg checking

    We have a couple cows like that. They are ones the kids have shown (big babies). They WILL NOT go in the alley to the chute. They too get their shots just standing around, I even AI them that way. Its hard to beat a good chute system though for everyone's safety!! Jenna
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    Will my massey ferguson 1085 run this

    Should be fine power wise. if you have hills you might want to add some front weights as they can get light in the front end. wheel weights wouldnt hurt either, would give a little more stability in the hills.
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    Blood preg tests

    I have a question on the blood pregnancy test. We have used them before and seemed to work good. What i'm wondering, can you send them into the lab in the winter? I have mailed them in before, but its always been earlier in the year when temps were not freezing. Will they freeze in the mail...
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    Deere 4020 Suprise

    OK, I need some ideas!! I'll try to make a long story short here and hope it makes sense!!!. Back when my husband was growing up his dad bought a john deere 4020. Fast forward a ways and it ended up getting sold at auction after his dad was involved in a bad accident. Husband wanted to buy it...
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    Bovine Ecolizer+C20

    Ok, so we give the Bovine Ecolizer+C20 to calves at birth. Its Clostridium perfringens Type C and K99 E. coli antibodies to provide scour protection for newborn calves. Well, guess its not available this spring. So does anyone know of who does have it or an alternative. Thanks for any ideas. Jenna
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    New board on AI just below this one, what's up?

    Ha, i too thought it was a secret behind closed doors kinda thing this morning. Got the same message, rang the doorbell at the gate but no access LOL..... Now the gate is wide open! Jenna
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    Where this come from

    Not sure but I like!! It was here this morning and I clicked on it and it said I did not have access to this forum. I was so disappointed :cry: BUT, now it works :D Thanks!! Jenna
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    Older Semen Tanks ?

    Yes, if you see frost, you better be getting the semen transferred right away to a different tank. Increased nitrogen consumption rate is an early sign that your tank is losing its vacuum. I read 10 years and i think they can become less efficient and need sooner refilling. Jenna edit: spelling