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    Urea $ 580 ton !

    Yep I'm skeerd to call for cake prices this fall.
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    Bull Soundness Examination

    $75/hd at clinic $100 on the ranch
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    Bull Soundness Examination

    Our vet does the morphology test with the dye etc. Will check seminal vesicles if there's a lower than expected count. Checks feet legs eyes pulls sheath back and does a full visual examination.
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    Getting ready to move some heifers

    Love all that grass wow. Very happy gals.
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    Calf table opinions

    I'm looking to buy a calf table. Never owned one but am looking into them. Anyone have opinions on PR calf chutes or Prieferts? Thanks.
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    Calf table discussion/opinions

    What are some of the issues that you've heard of with that table thank you
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    Calf table discussion/opinions

    I am looking to buy my first calf table due to age and ease on my body. We have always either roped off horses or roped off ground and got down to business. I have looked at the powder river, priefert and a few videos on the stockman calf table. We run 100 or so currently, but in the near future...
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    Show your calf pictures.

    Yes it is TC a heifer and I'm with you... gorgeous
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    Show your calf pictures.

    More calves
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    Show your calf pictures.

    Few random calf pics from this spring. Grass is in now and they are gaining real well. Momma's are fat as ticks. Love that green grass
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    The loss of the family owned farm

    We have a $1M life insurance policy on my father in law for this very reason. Taxes due once everything is passed along. Ridiculous but necessary.
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    One party rule

    I'm in no way suggesting that our President should be in office for 50 years. That was not my point at all my point is is that you can't get a country moving in a direction with four years. Changing policies completely every 4 years to me hurts us. I think everyone is taking me out of context...
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    One party rule

    So question, why limit the supreme court to 16-20 year because it's outdated, but then keep presidential terms at 4-8? Just my opinion, but I see a major issue we have now with foreign strategy is that they know all they ha e to do is wait us out. One example is President Trump... He had china...
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    250 dead

    I'm fed up with political correctness
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    Max price on a Bull for commercial use

    Lol yes I understand. We aren't hung up on the black craze. Never was. We don't sell for a penny less than the "all black" groups. And thanks for the compliment. We sure have enjoyed him he is dog gentle, eat out of you hand. Calves are the same. Heifers are like dang pets by the time we put a...