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    finding a heifer

    Where about in North Central Texas? I live west of Ft. Worth . I am interested in helping you find a breeder and helping with your sons project. Do you wanna say with Hereford or does it matter?
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    Where to find Maine Show Cattle

    Go to a Buck Cattle Co. sale. Jirl Buck sells a bunch of high dollar show heifers.
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    I need a bull - Hunt Co., TX

    I have a Chiangus bull for sale, asking $2500 Hes a coming 3 yr old. I tested him at the Beef Development Center of Texas. He was the #2 bull in the entire public test, i dont have the data in frony of me but can find then. However, he didnt sell at the BDC because of an injury so i...
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    Persistant BVD

    what are the symptoms? First i would try to get him back in good health. You might try another anibiotic. Next i would get in touch with the breeder even if you had to go to his place to make him talk to you and see if hes got any ideas and ask about a refund. If no refund i would...
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    Another Chi Heifer

    Nice Female . Shes very well balanced and stylish. What is she?
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    AI Tech for Chico, Texas

    im not far from chico. pm me if you still need a AI tech and ill give ya my phone number
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    New Bull

    I like the bull, the beef industry needs more like him.
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    Opinions on Heifer? Tear her up please!

    She'll make a nice brood cow. The price is right on her. She looks a little green for me needs more spring of rib and a little weak in her top.
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    County Fair

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    what is up with the cattle.

    I agree with you in the fact that breeding cattle need to have plenty of guts for reprodutive purposes. However, i dont feel that the super deep soggy are what the industry needs. I feel that we (beef producers) are actually in the business to produce red meat for consumption. The end...
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    Forster Sale

    are your talkin about Foster Bros Farms sale
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    i agree with you. i feed it to my show calves and it seems to help keep them fresh. I feel like its a bit pricey too.
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    Thanks for the information I havent used it but was just wondring, since the label doesnt say a thing about cattle.
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    Can you use gentamiacin sulfate in cattle, and if so what is it used for? I sold some cattle to a guy that runs about 3000 feeders, anyway he had several 250ml bottles of gentamiacin sulfate in his truck. I asked him about it and he said it was a good med for cattle. He didnt...
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    Chiford bulls

    i think a chiford would be good blend. what is the chiford bull