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    Bulk Bin coating and sweating.

    Thanks much. Will check on it.
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    Bulk Bin coating and sweating.

    Recently obtained a 3 ton steel bulk bin. Gonna resurface the inside after i clean the little surface rust off. I am wondering what would be the best thing to use inside to coat it. Paint, rhino liner, other kind? I am also trying to find out any way to keep it from sweating and drawing...
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    Sale Barn Prices

    Sold 7 calves yesterday. 5 blk/bwf steers weaned since Thanksgiving, 2 round shots 697 lb average, brought $1.50 lb, $1045.00 hd. 2 Heifers RWF/BWF, RWF weaned 45 days, BWF 120 days,2 rds,465 average, $1.64 lb, $762.60 hd. Thought was good, I'm happy so I guess that's what matters.
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    breeding stock sale

    Tall Timber, Where was that sale? I didn't hear anything about one like that.
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    So Long, My Old Friend

    RIP Don (dun). Prayers for the family. Seem like a awful fine feller and fellow veteran.
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    Red Clover Seed

    Could someone explain the difference between seed that is plain and the seed that is coated/inoculated? Is the coated that much better? Getting ready to broadcast some more on my hay fields and wanted to learn the difference.
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    Cull cow to burger ?

    If buying an older cow for butcher you can't have it processed for anything other than burger if it is older than 30 months, no roasts ,steaks , etc... Supposed to be under 30 months for that. When I buy or put a cow in the lot for hamburger, I always feed for 45 days or more to get past the...
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    Gonna be a cold winter! - joke -

    :lol2: :clap:
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    U.S. Navy active and reserve 1980-2007
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    Ford 501 Cutting Height

    When I was using my 501 I adjusted the bar end with the bolts right where it joins at what looks circular, there is 3 bolts on mine. You can tilt it up where it cuts a little higher but if you go too much the clamp on the ball on the end of the sickle will pop off.
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    Vermeer roller bearings

    Only able to work on two rollers, changing 5 out, so far but it definitely worked like you said. Thanks. I still don't exactly understand how that would stop it from turning like that though.
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    Bulls fighting.

    Ok, thanks. Pray that you guys get some rain and the grass grows.
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    Vermeer roller bearings

    OK, Will try that this evening. Thanks
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    Bulls fighting.

    may 21,2017? Yesterday.
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    Vermeer roller bearings

    Anyone know the trick to be able to get both sides of the bolts holding the rollers loose. Need to take out and replace the bearings before I get in the field. These are the rollers in the gate and above. I can get one loose but not the other side. Any way to hold it from turning?