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    tetanus vaccination

    Good Morning. Hope everyone is out enjoying Labor Day celebrations! I have a question about tetanus vaccination. We used the one shot Alpha CD product this year for tetanus prevention. We are getting ready to band our calves and have always given a second dose just prior to banding. I'm feeling...
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    CT Roll-Call

    Here, since 2004!
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    Indeed, LOL! Can't believe I've been around that long either! Started here when my girls were first showing in 4H. 2 are now married and the baby is a senior in collage. Time sure flies! It's just my husband, me and the cows now!
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    Long time lurker/learner here from SE Indiana! This site has been invaluable to me over the years. Thank you to everyone who has been willing to share your knowledge, stories and experience!
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    Chore boots

    Wishing everyone blessings in the New Year! I need to pick your brains a bit, LOL! We've always worn Tingley boots out at the barn, however, the hub's knees are not what they used to be and, by the end of the day, he's pretty miserable. Anyone have any recommendations for chore boots with...
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    120V diesel transfer pump

    Good point about the warranty Cross-7, thank you!
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    120V diesel transfer pump

    Hello Everyone, I haven't posted in years, but still read and learn faithfully! Got a question. Santa wants to bring the mister a 120V diesel transfer pump for Christmas. We are not a big operation - it would probably get used once a week, and a bit more during planting/harvest season. I've been...
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    Grazing cattle on corn shucks

    Thanks everyone for your replies. You all are the best! We moved them off several days ago as they were reaching thorough the five strand fence to get to the grass on the other side. It's funny that they never seemed to carry on like they usually do when they're hungry. Guess the shucks fill...
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    Grazing cattle on corn shucks

    Just clarifying - this field was harvested before putting the cows on it. Carrie
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    Grazing cattle on corn shucks

    Happy Halloween everyone! I'm sitting here with a full basket of candy and no trick-or-treaters so far. Of course, the one year I didn't buy candy, we had a bunch of kids come. Such is rural life! I've got a question for anyone in the know. We're short on pasture this year because of the...
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    Vaccine Question

    What is all y'alls policy on keeping an open multi-dose vaccine bottle? I always seem to have a few doses left and hate to throw them away. Can you keep these till the expiration date, or does that change once you've opened the vial? If so, how long could you reasonably keep them around...
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    Laura Ingalls Wilder museum

    Hi MO, I raised my girls with those books. My youngest (12) is now reading them aloud to her 94 year old grandmother. Not sure who is enjoying it more. It engenders lots of conversation about how things were done in the 'olden days! Gramma may struggle with short-term memory, but man, can...
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    Insulating a well house

    Good morning everyone, Hope this finds everyone healthy and looking forward to Christmas! I need some ideas for insulating a well house. Several years ago, we used styrofoam board when we revamped our back well house. We now have a disgusting, smelly, mouse hotel with 5 inches of styrofoam...
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    2 questions for everyone

    Jimminy - this is getting ridiculous. We just discovered the darn things have been working on the plastic tile outlets in our waterways! Do you think this could be related to some type of dietary dificiency? Anyone ever see squirrels using salt/mineral licks? Maybe we ought to put out some...
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    2 questions for everyone

    Angie, We've not seen them drink from the tanks - there is a pond about 50 yards away. We were told that squirrels, like rabbits and rats, need to gnaw in order to wear down their front teeth. Otherwise, they grow too quickly and make it difficult for them to eat. I used to think that...