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    The next pandemic

    So now we know where you've been.
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    It hurts..

    My family has a fair amount of problems with mesquite thorns getting in the young children. Especially little girls. Once we get over about 8 years old the hide is generally thick enough to turn em. 😎
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    PSA has some good deals right now

    Unless you have a need to be quiet using a ar platform and mags the blackout is kinda silly. 556 will do everything better except be quiet
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    Getting Annual Summer Pastures Planted

    Nice drill. .. I've got about 70 acres of hybrid Sudan grass laying around here in the land where it never rains.
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    How’s this look for $15 a acre lease

    Everyone complains about the city moving in. They are blind to the opportunity it provides. Just don't count on it for any longer than your lease. Sometimes the best use for a lease isn't buying more cows. It's in saving your own grass and hay.
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    Landowner problems when leasing

    I agree with everything you just said. Although I do have several leases and do a fair amount of work on the handshake. Just how I am. I know the risk and accept it. Actually have very few problems. Ive found the saying " never trust a distrustful person" to be pretty spot on.
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    Landowner problems when leasing

    I don't know how you come up with that. I don't think a single person said anything about screwing anyone.. I said i would handle it like a reasonable person. Calling in lawyers and cops imo would be as you put it acting like a idiot from the city.
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    Landowner problems when leasing

    Wth does that have to do with this?? Would you just admit lawyers and cops probably aren't needed to solve a few bales of hay. Travler come on in outta the weeds pull up your chair and let's move on to the next
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    Landowner problems when leasing

    A month or so ago I mowed ~ 25 acres of bluestem with a hydraulic shredder "to see what was there" didn't know I was being a idiot Thought I was being smart actually. Thanks for straighten that out.
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    Landowner problems when leasing

    You would make a great politician.