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    2021 Hay

    Just curious if anyone is using the Kubota 5x6 round baler with the bale density controlled by the in cab monitor?
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    Beef Butchering Forum

    Any body use 1lb hamburger chub bags with their own info on it? If so what kinda cost is there and how many to a case is there? I'm assuming at least a 2000 or more to get cost per bag down.
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    Beef Butchering Forum

    That's one big animal!
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    Beef Butchering Forum

    Great idea, started selling meat last year, before that we just sold the cow, lots of hoops, so always interested in learning more.
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    Priefert vs Powder River chute ?

    I've owned Tarter, Powder River, Sioux Steel and have used a priefert chute and calf table from the neighbor. I ended up with an Arrow 86 and wouldn't go back to any of the others, but If I was forced to it would be a PR.
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    Calf table and castrating

    Update, Ok, so today we branded calves. I borrowed a neighbor's table to try to see how we'd like it. Worked cows first, went smooth as usual, then slid the table in place and loaded up the alleyway. I think we got through 10 calves and said the neck with and just went to throwing calves. 20x...
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    Dragging Pasture Fields Yea or Nay

    We push all the cows off onto sage brush ground come 1 April so we can start dragging all the meadows and hay fields. If we don't and it gets hot thats normally where we see dead spots. Plus it helps knock down the gopher mounds. Seems to green up a little sooner compared to the ones we haven't...
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    New position in my life

    Congrats for stepping up when needed. Great article!
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    What does an ATV need?

    Ya have to agree on the windshield. I take mine off as soon as it warms up to avoid the dust and it goes back on around Oct/Nov when it's to cold to go without it. I did look at a new Kubota diesel side x side it had a full cab with heat/AC. Cab looked really tight with good glass. I'm not sure...
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    What does an ATV need?

    I agree side x side. I had a Polaris Sportsman for 4 years when one day riding up the road it started leaving a streak of oil. Immediately shut down, but to late motor was toast. I started looking for another ATV then decide to get a side x side, best decision we ever made. It gets used every...
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    Should I

    I wouldn't be scared of it on 3rd calvers and up. It would be a good herd bull, but if your going for moderate framed replacement heifers maybe not so much.
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    Calf table and castrating

    I was browsing the old inter-web while it's kinda of a slow day and ran across a CT made by realtuff. Anyone use or have experience with it?
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    Hamburger cow

    If you can find a slot, just make sure if you gave her any kind of antibiotics that the withdrawal period is passed before taking her in. Otherwise they will kill and see the residue and scrap the meat and all you'll get is a kill bill. Hasn't happened to me but know several others that found...
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    Hay prices and location ?

    Same here in Idaho most everyone does 3x4 or 4x4 big bales and handful do 6x5 rounds all sold by the ton. Right now it's around $120-$150 per ton depending on how good it is. Dairy quality hit $200 in Jan but I think it's down now though. If we didn't have irrigation, we wouldn't grow a thing...
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    Hamburger cow

    I take two into the plant on Tuesday. I'll find out then the next available date for the next two is. Sure hate the long waiting periods.