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    used 12 gauge - 125$ 1 box of shells - 5$ gas to drive to a lake and dispose of gun - 50$ The joy of killing the ba$tard who cheated u out of a good chunk of your retirement and leaving no trail - priceless
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    The old lady and packer fans

    Was her first name loriena last name bobbit? :shock: :shock: I got my 20$ ready just in case. :lol: :lol:
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    another use for duct tape

    HEY!!! I resemble that. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    lemonade stand . . . poor taste? maybe.

    That ain't right :D :D :lol: :lol: :shock: :lol: :D
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    hourly shop rate

    I do not use a shop very often but I think 85$ an hour round here.
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    JD 8300 drill

    I have a set of 8300 triples as a backup. Good drills, worth 1200-2500 dollars per drill.
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    Help with New Holland Baler

    Make sure it is in time front to back.
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    I love crabrass hay. My favorite is cg/johnsongrass mix baled a little on the green side.
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    Oklahoma wildfires 2006

    We have had some terrible fires since last winter. In Feb it seemed like we fought a fire a week. Not much grew back b/c we did not have any rain. We will probably go through the same thing this winter if something does no change. Most of the hay meadows that burnt were not even worth...
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    Hay supply, how much extra do you keep?

    At least 50% over what I would need for a hard winter.
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    Top antibiotics for cattle.

    LA200 & Micotil.
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    dog attack

    Neighbors had two rotweillers who would not quite chasing. Called them, then the sheriff, and then marlin 30-30. I hung the both of them up on the end of my driveways gateposts and sit there when they came home from work. They called the law and long story short they paid for 2 calves and the...
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    Why is 6yrs old considered "old" for a bull?

    I test them every year and as long as they test good they stay in the pasture.
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    16 year old daughter

    I have some ink but no piercings. Thank GOD I do not have any daughters. Also I think no politics ought2 extend 2 no religion. People will always disagree about them both. Now back to the cows..........
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    fifth wheel versus gooseneck

    I like the goosenecks on 1 tons b/c when u go through the ditch, creek, slew, over the terrace the trailer can pivot on the ball any which way need be. My semi's have fifth wheels and they do not pivot side to side very well. They are fine front to back but side to side they ain't. :D