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    Angus Bull - PERRY Power Design 715

    Consistent! Probably my favorite heifer bull. Good numbers, solid across the board. Good sized bull with an excellent confirmation, including good feet and hind end. Throws true. Easy keeper with a great disposition which he seems to pass on routinely. Makes some really good mamas. There...
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    AI bull for New Design heifers

    RAB-GAR Load Up AAA#13608406. He's throwing some dynamite calves out of New Design cows based on weanlings that I've seen this spring. My favorite heifer we had last year was Load Up x 036.
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    Accuration Feed Adjustments & Additives

    BTW, you might want to check out the purina Impact Starter for transitioning those weaned calves. It's working great for us. It's a complete feed so we just put them in a lot with a self feeder for about two weeks and then move them on to whatever. No weight loss during the first week and...
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    Accuration Feed Adjustments & Additives

    We used the 80/20 mix on young bulls with free choice hay last winter. Pretty good results but I don't think it put quite enough finish on them. Had a group of heifers on 80/20 but they were getting too fat, dropped them to 60/40 and they were consuming around 1%. This was on good hay though...
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    Hay for winter 06-07

    Real dry here in Franklin County also. I've been riding the fence for the last couple of weeks about whether to fertilize or wait for rain. What did/are you guys doing with your field work? If I'm going to get my clover down for frost seed (that seems a funny thought when it's 70 outside)...
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    General "Cow" questions

    Keep him out of the cows and feed him out like you do the steer and, IMO, you won't be able to tell the difference once they're hanging. Just remember, if he get's a chance he will solve your problems with deciding on a herd bull. Also, if you keep him where he can see the cows, he will spend...
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    Help!!! Send grits

    You boys forgot the redeye gravy with the grits and eggs and ham. I once caught my EX-wife puttin sugar on her grits. Should have seen it comin then. Lee
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    too high BW EPD on heifers

    Dee, We have one I87 calf on the ground so far, out of a Fix It daughter, CED 5 BW 2.8. The heifer weighed in at 92 lbs, ratio at 110 so far. Good thing she was 4 days early. She was big but she popped out like a pumpkin seed and was up and rolling w/in 5 minutes. Fine looking heifer. Keep...
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    Stockpiled Fescue

    15 acres of stockpiled fescue in two pastures, 5 and 10 ac split. I understand the reccomended practice is to strip graze it. My question, for those of you who stockpile- is strip grazing worth the extra effort? The pastures are relatively remote and I'll have to use a battery based charger...
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    Stupid question on AI.

    Google "cattle synchronization." You can read for a month.
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    EPD numbers ... m_epd.html
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    The short answer is none. Just trying a little something different this year due to lack of grass, etc. We've always supplemented the replacements at one level or another during the fall/winter. That way I know that they are coming into the breeding season in prime condition. What I like...
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    Ritchie Fence Line Waterers

    Any problems with younger calves getting to the water? I gotta do something or my hose haulers (aka teenage boys) are going to go on strike. Lee
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    We have some bulls that we are testing on the Accuration mix. We have them on an 80/20 mix (80% corn, 20% accuration) and I am pleased with the results so far. I was afraid they were going to put on too much fat, but no problems so far. It isn't cheap, however. On average the bulls (spring...
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    Do half ears bring a better price at the sale barn????