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    Straw spreading hacks?

    Had a feedlot customer once told me he was shaking the RB straw off the spike, steers were doing the fresh straw boogie and one jumped just high enough, with perfect forward speed and angle and impaled himself on the spike.
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    Straw spreading hacks?

    Yup, have done that before too. Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure what your weather is in West Central IL but up here in Alberta where I am it's now 19 below zero F and headin for 30 below AGAIN tonight. It has hit 40 in the hole a couple of nights. It's been this way since mid December. A...
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    Straw spreading hacks?

    Thanks for all the replies! One idea I have seen before was putting a big round through the manure spreader. Looked like it worked fine. But my cows like to help. I dont even want to think about a running spreader and curious cows................
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    Straw spreading hacks?

    Ok, between tripping over hidden frozen manure clods, and cows "helping" me bed with round bales, any body want to share your ideas on how to get the cows bedded? FYI, I'm too cheap to buy a bale processor and too proud to use a fork.
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    How to take pictures ?

    Take LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS!! because when you turn them loose and get home to edit, the one you thought was the perfect one is also the one he has his eye closed and his tongue on its way up the nostril closest to you. Personally, I like a 3/4 profile shot. Muscle is more...
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    Stubborn calf

    Dont walk her straight. Lead a few steps left, a few steps right. Dont get into a power struggle, just a light as you can get away with steady pull on the halter. she gives you a couple of steps, slack on the halter. Repeat. Good luck. Each one is going to be different.
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    Cattle egrets anyone?

    When I lived in Ontario we would see one almost every year immediately after the cows were put to grass. Hang around 2-3 days, then gone. Never saw a pair, Dad called them African egrets.
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    Unrolling hay

    ya, it does, Thanks!
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    Unrolling hay

    Would sure like to see a picture / link of the FEL bale unrollers?
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    How much urea is to much urea?

    heavy feedlot cattle 1% of DMI or ~ 100-110grams backgrounders 0.5% of DMI or ~ 50grams cattle with a functioning rumen could start utilizing NPN at about 350lbs, but I would never use it on feeders less than 600lbs+. Just because.
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    aggressive mommas

    Ya, Thats what I thought when a roan recipient cow I had bought was pretty loud and aggressive with her newborn. She did calm down once she had killed the calf though. Gut wrenching to come back out to that. She immediatly began her new career in the food industry......
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    Quickest a cow will breed back

    2 bulls broke out. Found them with the cows "having their way" with 10U. Limo cross. 17 days post calving. She caught.
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    Lump/abscess after vaccinations

    This is a concern (albeit cosmetic), of mine as some of my cattle could be shown or sold on the halter at some point. The clostridials will leave a long lasting welt. One year I was able to use "Vision", (not sure who makes it now), and it seemed to be considerably less reactive. Oxy LA can as...
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    Best bait for fishing in my semen tank?

    Not sure how I did this but I did. Duh. After retrieving a straw of semen the cane it came from somehow missed the cannister it was supposed to drop in and is now somewhere at the bottom of my tank. Any ideas about the best way to fish it out??
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    Now THAT'S why I come here! Just to see what the h3ll is gonna happen next!!