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    Donor Cow Pregnancy

    I breed after the shot of Lute if they show good heat, dont think I'd put an egg in a Donor cow when a straw will accomplish the same thing , much cheaper.
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    Preg checking after

    I'd blood test them now, only needs to be 28 days. To me it wouldn't be worth the trip charge to palpate or ultrasound. Will only cost about $14 for everything to blood test, $6 for test $7 shipping. $1 for supplies
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    Preg checking after

    I check with a patch 17 days after A I, rebreed as needed repatch repeats 17 days after 2nd round bull goes in that day, stays 25 days. Ultrasound 30 days after hes gone. 40 head patches told the story was spot on at ultrasound. If I only had a couple I'd blood test at 28 days, put a cidr in the...
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    Hazard pay.

    I'm a firefighter/emt. Were dealing with it, sometimes we get a heads up, mostly not,so I'm assuming everyone is Covid positive. I do not want hazard pay, I believe some cites, states, maybe the fed will collapse over this. So may not have a job when this is over, who knows, so for me its...
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    Bull and cow prices crash

    Seen pound cows at .80 here Saturday was told they will do .90 this Saturday, nobody ever knows
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    Hay shares

    I'm sure things work different everywhere, I dont even do shares anymore, folks just letting me cut. Several lime it, I fertilize get it all, have to turn people down, still cheaper than paying someone to bushhog. I've done about all splits 50/50, 2/3, rolls square bale splits. I cant make it...
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    Prayers for our Middle Tennessee Friends

    Happened to be working that night, first touchdown in Nashville was about 500 yards from the firehall. My phone alert went off about 30 seconds before it hit. I did like I always do, looked and layed it down, then the train sound, lights went out, tones going off, couldn't find my clothes...
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    Cattle CHUTE!!

    Preifert is poorly made? Ive got 2 SO4`s get along great with them, and im a one man show. but if your constant A I probably need to really move up, the Arrow is a really good chute, lots of features that will make it good running that many cattle, not in the 5k range, im sure there are others.
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    Disc mower questions??

    Depends on your ground, I use a 8ft Kuhn mostly on 105hp seems to make a nicer cut, have a 9ft New Holland use sometimes, both are great mowers, the new Holland seems to weigh twice as much, a lot harder to put on the tractor.
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    Angus bull options

    Your not using Rampage, a Rampage son numbers are different. Rampage has CED of 9 BW 2.6 the bull your looking at has CED of 6 BW 2.1 he may or may not be ok for heifers, certainly not a sleep all night heifer bull. Friend or not wouldn't dictate how I manage my cattle. Just being honest i...
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    Angus bull options

    I looked at the papers it says DDP not DDF if its the right number 19402918 Denson Objective Duty 0119. Means he has the potential for the DD genetic defect. Can be cleared with a test. IMO as a breeder that should never happen these animals should be free before there offered.
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    Angus bull options

    the Objective is out DDP, wouldn't use the Rampage on heifers.
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    Angus bull options

    mature cows, any should work. Theres 2 sides to the numbers of the bulls, AAA numbers will be a big plus, add genomics even better.
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    New Holland TL 80?????

    Had a tl100 didnt care for it, some rod into transmission was bad, had to be broke into twice, less than 600hrs of course not under warranty. You can feel it it the clutch pedal, just not smooth
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    Technique question

    Usually go in a out a foot, palm down go under the crap, I go from 9 o'clock down sweeping my palm to upwards, 80% of the time I have it by 6 o'clock, if not I sweep to 9, start over if need be.