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    Mountain Oysters

    i call em good eatin
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    way to go bigbull. and thanks for the dots.
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    Mineral Rights... Help!

    get an oil and gas lawyer to look at it dont trust what the cover letter says and dont be blinded by any sight draft that comes along with the offer . read everything before you sign and if you dont understand it hire a lawyer. and whatever you do dont sign any kind of deed.
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    How to siphon gas

    if your car is a model with the fuel filter underneath on the frame you could unhook the line and drain it in a can
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    Letter to Cindy Sheehan

    thats a load of crap
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    horn issue

    the fact that the cow loves to go for walks and have baths and thinks she is a sheep makes you wonder if skiparoo from massachu is either joking or a little light in the loafers
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    horn issue

    this must be a joke
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    A reminder

    never hurts to be reminded. sometimes cows can be more dangerous than bulls just like dull knives can be more dangerous than sharp ones
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    lumps on neck

    i dont get what you mean. if all your doing is shots and notching its faster and easier to crowd them ina chute than to catch them one at a time
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    My new cow dog

    picture must have been doctored that dog has enough dew claws to climb down a tree. still must have started out as one bodaciously ugly dog to end up like that
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    lancemart finally calve?

    dont know bout you folks but i hope she tells us something fast. ive been worried sick about it and she hasnt posted in almost 2 weeks. its either going to hit the ground at 150 lb or its a tumor the size of a shoat.
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    Cow tipping....fact or rural legend

    not sure if that urban legend is more legend than urban or more urban than legend. one things for sure it aint rural. land sakes
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    Dang neighbor's bull

    that would be because some innocent person got killed because you intentionally turned livestock out on the road
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    When will they fall off

    dang if it was over 6 weeks ago you could knock em off with a flyswatter . or you can just relax and let em fall off pretty soon. or you can get all excited and strop the knife and catch the calf and cut em off and spritz the new wound your gonna make with a blend of citris oils and crushed...