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    Replacements Heifers

    OT, part of what you are saying is true but part isn't. Yes they will cut out a red steer if in a load of blacks, that part is true. But you watch Superior or go to a barn and watch a load of Red Angus heifer calves sell, and they out sell the blacks by a ways. Your neighbors sold 300 head on...
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    Replacements Heifers

    I purchased on order last week at Phillip Livestock Auction where they sold several thousand commercial calves of all kinds. The calves I purchased were nearly purebred Red Angus, weighed 500 lbs and brought $2.60/lbs. While feeder heifers were around $1.80/lbs. I saw a group of 525 lbs...
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    Red vs Black

    Take a look at the link below of a sale report that just happened Thursday. Especially look at the heifers. This is one reason why reds are popular, and yes, at most video sales and auction barn sale across the est this year, the reds have topped the blacks...
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    USA: A Ground Beef Nation. Challenge for breeding programs?

    Plus all of the old cull cows and bulls are nearly all burger. Shouldn't be to big of a problem to fill the needed burger orders.
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    Is small cow size a myth?

    Here is an article I wrote last fall. As this seems to be a hot topic. I feel there is way more to it, than just weaning off 50% body weight or running more small cows. You have to take everything into consideration. I want to point out each and every environment is different. The 1400 lbs...
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    yearling bull photos

    Lot 116 Lot 117 Lot 118
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    more photos

    Lot 72 A Grand Statement son Lot 81 Lot 88
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    Lot 6 Lot 11 Lot 4
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    photo of a 2 year old

    I guess I don't see what you are talking about.
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    Too small or just right ?

    Along with what I wrote above, we need to understand your environment. If you are further south, the animals will naturally be smaller compared to the animals in the north, not just livestock, but nearly all animals.
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    Too small or just right ?

    Here is an article I wrote after researching this subject. The 1400 lbs cow vs the 1100 lbs cow There seems to be a huge push in the industry right now to make your cows small. We are told they are more efficient and you will make more money off a small cow because you can supposedly run 20%...
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    a few more bull photos

    Here is a link to his Reg. #, pedigree, and EPD's http://search.redangus.org/animal/id/1594717
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    a few more bull photos

    Sorry, but no I don't.
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    a few more bull photos

    Here are a few more coming 2 year old bull photos Lot 13 Lot 32 Lot 51
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    photo of a 2 year old

    We have all the bulls on a .43 Mcal ration consisting of oatlage, silage, distillers, ground corn stalks and ground oat hay, eating all they want in a TMR.