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    Space storm alert

    More info on this. It behooves us as producers to be as independent as possible in order to survive what gets thrown at us. ... eather.htm
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    Space storm alert

    Don't know. Makes you wonder though.
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    Space storm alert

    Interesting story. The storm in 1859 sounds interesting. ... ds-from-ca
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    You're Confederate ... But Don't Know It?

    We Farmers and Ranchers should set an example- Give back or decline all the bribe money we have coming to us via the Farm Bill. I won't hold my breath. I am proud of all my ancestors, been here since 1635. They fought on both sides in the 1860's war and got over it. We can talk about losing...
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    Where is your money going

    Interesting story. A lot of bribe money is changing hands. If you prefer here is a link. ... _17332.cfm or here is the story. NAIS: Mother Of All Ag Bribes * Press Release By Darol Dickinson NAIS Stinks, March 21, 2009 Straight...
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    Need Advice

    Sounds like a good kid who could use a break.
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    Beef production and the environment

    Point taken. I put little credence on anything coming out of this outfit. Just follow the money. Both sides of an issue are trying to control each other with regulation. We should let the market place decide such matters.
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    Selling stolen goods

    Interesting story. It helps to know some history when your trying to figure out who just robbed you. ... _17279.cfm
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    HR 875 Be very afraid

    Here is someones opinion from another site. The more I read it, the more I realize if enacted I will be shut down. The sad part is, the future was looking up. Concern is building among the public about there food. The market for the independent farmer has not been this good in years. We can sell...
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    HR 875 Be very afraid

    I posted about this on the no politics board. Not much interest. If this passes I'll be out of the food production business. Thanks Hoss for bringing it up again. I hope folks will take the time to research this very important set of bills. The gov will not listen to me, I only grow food. We...
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    Industry News - PM Congressional hearing debates making animal ID mandatory By Janie Gabbett on 3/12/2009 Industry representatives, legislators and administration officials argued the pros and cons of making USDA's currently voluntary National Animal Identification System (NAIS)...
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    I realize there are not many independent Farmers/Ranchers on these boards. But those who care must research- HR 875, Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. S 425, Food Safety and Tracking Improvement Act. These type bills have been popping up the last few years and die. But times...
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    Need Farm Name...

    "we are doing premises registry" :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: Is the voluntary program mandatory in your state?
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    selling beef at local farmer markets

    I agree with badaxemoo. You don't have a story. You did not raise the product. You cannot say for sure what the animal was fed or how it was medicated. It doesn't sound like you have a unique product. I do not know your market. I would proceed with caution. You could lose your shirt in my market.