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    Numbers of infection are way up but deaths are down. In Canada the virus is not in the top ten for causes of death but suicide is. No one gives a d a m n because there is nothing to get rich off of with suicide. Drug overdoses in Canada are higher than virus deaths in Canada and possibly...
  2. Bez

    Almost Heaven

    I see them! We had a few does in our front hay field this morning. Pawing through the snow to eat some grass. It is a tiny field, only abut 8 acres and hooks right on to the barnyard and every Spring they show up with fawns at side. My wife does not allow "barn yard" hunting so the bucks that...
  3. Bez

    Almost Heaven

    Thanks for this one my friend! Cheers Bez
  4. Bez

    Anybody got their Christmas tree up?

    "She who must be obeyed" has found a tree and I am under orders to cut it and bring it to the house. I will be away on Sunday and she will decorate the tree on that day. I have no power when it comes to this time of the year. I have learned to simply smile and say "Yes, Dear!" Best to all, Bez
  5. Bez

    Finally got a deer

    Congrats! Glad you were successful and hope you had fun!! We are over run with them on our farm. The neighbors got three in the back. But the biggest was from across the road from the house. A nice 5 x 5 that dressed out 245 with the skin off. A thick layer of fat all over. Biggest whitetail I...
  6. Bez

    Greatest weapon

    Lock people down and feed them a fear sandwich. Sooner or later they will bow down. Those who stand up will be vilified.
  7. Bez

    Will you get the COVID vaccine?

    Definitely not. No one in my family is willing to do this.
  8. Bez

    Pearl Harbor

    Hi CB - Sadly I did not see or hear much about it either. Seems history is slowly being erased. People will soon forget that the entire western world stands upon the shoulders of those who went before them. My best to all
  9. Bez

    Hard Winter for Canadians?

    Well, if everyone would relax about the china virus and realize deaths are way down, they could go on about their daily lives. Sadly they will not. Detected numbers are going up but that means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why? Because each and every one of you is likely carrying something...
  10. Bez

    Elk hunting

    No elk around this place but ..... The neighbor got a nice white tail today that weighed in at 245 pounds dressed out. Promised me a couple of steaks for my 90 year old Dad. He will be happy! Best to all.
  11. Bez

    Fall is in the air

    Yup. And winter is just around the corner. Some folks have had snow already. I have the woodstove going tonight to warm up the house. I have a feeling this is going to be a long and cold and snowy winter. Best to all
  12. Bez

    Made the decision

    Not too certain I agree with that one unless you are only running a couple of head. 8 foot square bales are selling for 90 - 120 bucks Canadian in my neck of the woods. Cheers, Bez
  13. Bez

    From Our Trip To British Columbia

    Well, next year we are planning to return. One never knows what will happen. Thanks for the invite. Cheers, Bez
  14. Bez

    From Our Trip To British Columbia

    All I can say is she does not use auto focus often - so I cannot answer that one - and it is a NIKON 7200 (I think) with a real long lense. I just do as I am told and stay out of her way when she is in camera mode. I have found that being an obedient husband makes my life a lot easier. <grin>...
  15. Bez

    From Our Trip To British Columbia

    The world will not stop turning - hope you have a great day, Bez