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    average weight

    Simpilest awnser is get a chart from your breed association or extension agent. You will then measure animal by sex and age in inches and the chart will tell you frame score. I have a tape attached to chute so you can get your height when you weigh. Hope this will help you. Have A Blessed Day BEEEEF
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    average weight

    Guest, Another opinion on old nemsis frame or weight. Personally I have always been payed on weight not on frame. I whould not worry as much as you seem to be worrying about frame for unless your sellling Sail boat fuel or in other words air. Meat and muscle pay more than bones which is a...
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    you can read a whole lot of BS on this board.

    Glad I ran across this web site and yawl cattlemen and cattlewomen. I had a PH cow back in the mid 80's and 90's who consistantly weaned a 205 day calf at 650 to 700 pounds or 65 to 70 % of body weight. I strive for 60% and that is hard to do in an all forage system, no hay only mineral. When in...
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    Democrat litmus test

    Here is my short reply as I can not use some of those words in my mouth like Cl_____, Demo____, but had to use pickle heiress husbands name only to make poem. She was never anything but a RINO(Republican In Name Only). I'm glad I am a conservative Republician , I'm glad I am an American veteran...
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    Happy Independence Day.

    Happy Independence Day to one and all. I only hope more people will learn what this day is about. and as a proud VET I do but the liberal folks just don't get it or so it seems. I put a brisket on the pit smoker on july 3rd and today being the Fourth I am anxiously awaiting 4 pm so I can put...