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  1. aussie_cowgirl

    What Adhesive are You Using?

    Bearing in mind the level of grooming here is different, I just use Doc Brannen's Grooming Adhesive. I found it really easy to use. Worked well and held well on body hair. I actually like Doc's stuff more than Sullivans. Works better for me. But again, I don't fit to the extent of US fitters...
  2. aussie_cowgirl

    What do you pay your show help?

    Unless in Perth then it's pat on the back and a beer :P
  3. aussie_cowgirl

    Standy to muck around with

    Sorry, yeah he's a standardbred ex-harness pacer. He's looking good at the moment, starting build up muscle along his topline and all over in general. Needs a little while longer to put on weight. The attitude change is probably the most startling thing. When I got him he was covered in scars...
  4. aussie_cowgirl

    New truck

    IIRC is if I recall correctly. That model I'm not sure. I'll give you a link to the newer ones. They've stopped making the purple ones apparently. They also had an orange coloured one. http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/ute/ss/exterior edit: They also used to come in this weird kermit the...
  5. aussie_cowgirl

    New truck

    That's actually a standard colour for that model of IIRC.
  6. aussie_cowgirl

    Butchered a Gelbvieh Steer

    Also a lot of the people that feed whole will put it through a mixall so a lot of it cracks anyway. We also crack or roll lupins. A usual feed for my area is barley, oats and lupins with added minerals, vitamins and hay as roughage.
  7. aussie_cowgirl

    Butchered a Gelbvieh Steer

    I've seen both. Most people put it in whole some just crack it. I like it cracked. I haven't seen much rolled but I'm sure people do.
  8. aussie_cowgirl

    Butchered a Gelbvieh Steer

    Barley is what's most commonly used here. We don't have corn (or at least it's minimally grown if there is some).
  9. aussie_cowgirl

    Funny Agribusiness ad

    A bank in Australia called ANZ is trying to promote their agribusiness sector by releasing these ads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liS0OFWBOFw
  10. aussie_cowgirl

    New photos of Eli *+1 more new one*

    I think it's preservatives. I can't recall what he was on at the time but there was a type of cheap food he was eating called Pedigree that would actually make him vomit.I've had him eating a purina brand called Bonnie which is ok but I prefer to have him on Supercoat. He also smells when he's...
  11. aussie_cowgirl

    New photos of Eli *+1 more new one*

    Just another update. Eli's now about 13mths old. Every day he's becoming a bit more obedient. Still has his off days though :lol2: . He's proving to be incredibly loyal and very intelligent although most of his intelligence is just going to tricks at the moment. October: January Patiently...
  12. aussie_cowgirl

    What about a crash course for Murray Greys

    Not of the top of my head but I'll ask them when I see them. IIRC that steer at least had a very good yield %
  13. aussie_cowgirl

    What about a crash course for Murray Greys

    Thought I'd post some of my friends Squaremeaters. The stud has only been going for a few years but they're nice animals. The main girl handler is about 5'6" for comparison. Not sure on their frame sizes. This steer actually won 2nd on the hook for his class. Excellent achievement. To get...
  14. aussie_cowgirl

    Harland Son to critique

    if you right click and press view image you can see the missing head
  15. aussie_cowgirl

    is this hereford simm?

    She looks like some of the herf/simm cows I drive past on the way home. Plenty of Flecks don't have eye pigment. She's probably a 3/4 herf 1/4 simm looking at her traits. Her head is certainly a little more simm like to me. Hmm, interesting.