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    If you had the opportunity...

    I think I would like to talk to Thomas Jefferson. Of all the monuments in D.C., as I walked through and read all of his quotes and passages there, I was most struck by what a brilliant man and forward thinker he was. Way ahead of his time in an era when we were truly blessed to have that...
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    Sucks to be poor

    One of those places where you kind of need to run yearlings cause if your bulls ever meet one of the cows your overstocked.
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    We don't take cash...

    I suspect showing a license number to deposit cash is just another way for big brother to get in their subjects business. If your license number shows up too many times in the data base some one from IRS, DEA, Homeland Security, ect. looks into what you are up to. I know retailers like Home...
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    Puppy Names <<help>>

    Most people people will try to give the dog a name they like when they first get the pup, I find the true name settles on the dog after a few days as you learn about each personality. I once knew a girl that came home with an aussie she named badger but badger choose an older brother and hung...
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    Gotta be a better way to store a truck gun

    I remember putting the blanketass Indian seat covers in '74 '79 reg. cab Fords, they held the rifle in a full length sleeve along the seat front. it must have been in the '86 that I cut down a back window rack and mounted out of sight behind the seat. The vibration in the U racks about ruined...
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    Question about rattails

    It has been several years since I have given this any thought so my recollection is not 100%. I do know its caused by the diluter gene in the Simmental and Charolais breeds (maybe others) X the black color gene. I have seen diluters in Hereford cattle but that could have been from Simmental...
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    Beautiful dog! I know she will be missed, I feel your pain. I have been blessed with four great dogs in my lifetime plus two that my wife had/has. Stella, my third, was the first one I had to have put down to old age. Had the vet put her to sleep Jan. 2012, It was so peaceful, I highly...
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    Unattended Calf

    In reading your last post since the cow came to the corral looking for the baby, as long as she is giving enough milk I bet you will be fine. @
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    Unattended Calf

    This situation bares close watching. If you can jug them up together for a couple days to make sure the mother bonds and the calf is getting plenty to eat it will help. Then pay close attention to calf health after turn out. I have thought everything was ok after a week only to find the cow dry...
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    week old calf with front leg issues

    With out seeing the calf I would have thought bowed tendons, especially if it is a large frame calf, very common with Holsteins. I too don't like the tight jaw, teeth grinding. If you have had a bona-fide vet out to look at it you are way ahead of any online advice. If its just very bad bowed...
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    Who do you have for internet service?

    A few years back the Wyoming Legislature voted to use some of the Mineral Excise revenue to run fiber optic cable to every school in the state with the proposed benefit of bringing faster internet service to many rural areas with slow dial-up. Several communication companies signed up and ran...
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    Who do you have for internet service?

    We have used Hughes net, internet and Dish Satellite TV for several years. We have been generally pleased with both. Hughes net has a Fair Access Policy that did limit the amount you could down load per day or the speed slowed down for 24 hours. The only time I ever exceeded the daily limit was...
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    Gary Kubiak is Baltimore Ravens new Offensive Coordinator

    I have always respected Kubiak since his Backup QB work in Denver. He knew his roll as backup to Elway, never made a fuss and when he was called on he was always prepared and did an excellent job. I pulled for him to achieve success in Houston but you must build around a top flight quarterback...
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    I have been excited for this game all fall but went to bed at 8:30. Got up at 5:30,sick to my stomach. I hope its this flu bug I been fighting and not a reaction to the Bronco performance.