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    Disk mower clogging

    I think he's talking about the 540E that some tractors have, which allows for lower engine RPMs while doing light duty PTO work like spreading fertilizer, lime, running a sprayer, etc. The only way that would be possible is if the mower was 1000 RPM and he was running it at 540, but you cannot...
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    Tire machine vs manual tire changer

    The manual ones are quite a bit better than doing it on the ground, but it's still not easy. I bought a cheapie tire machine on eBay a few years ago. It was $500 and has easily paid for itself, plus there's the convenience factor. I order all of my tires online and out them on myself now, not...
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    Hay Acres ?

    It's fun until the baler won't tie or the haybine flies apart. When everything is working right, sure is rewarding, when you get one of "those" days, would be better off to just piss on it and go fishing.
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    Stretching Barbed Wire Poll

    Goldenrod for repairs, comealong for long stretches. I don't use ratchets for barbed, but do for smooth.
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    Recapped front 4 rib tires

    Around $50 for those small tires. It's not really foam, more like urethane or silicone. Great stuff might work in a lawn mower or something, but I think in anything heavy it would just crush into powder.
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    Recapped front 4 rib tires

    Our JD HX15 and 20 have them. They use a 2 piece wheel, bolted together in the middle. The tubes will rub through and you'll get a flat. If you don't notice right away, which is very easy to do since they are so stiff, the tire will develop rough spots inside and it will never hold a tube...
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    What kind of loads/shells do you use in your sawed off shotgun?

    Buck or slugs. Bird shot not the best choice. Lethal at close range, and there is little worry of over penetration, but get to 20 feet or so and it quickly loses steam and you put yourself at legal risk for intent to wound or whatever they call it. If you shoot, you shoot to kill.
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    Sick world we live in!

    Yeah, seems awfully hypocritical for religious folks to pass judgement on someone with life choices that differ from their own. I'm no expert on the subject, but I'm pretty sure that there is a commandment or passage somewhere that says not to judge others or you will be scrutinized yourself...
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    Recapped front 4 rib tires

    I think it's because they're tubeless and designed for split rims. The beads are cut down to fit a regular wheel but they will not seal perfectly, so they use slime. I am not all that crazy about airplane tires. You'll never puncture them, but the tubes will pinch and rub and you'll still get...
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    Run Silencer squeeze chute with skid steer hydraulics?

    I am seeing 23 GPM for a standard flow 272D, it probably is close to 10 at idle. Should be fine.
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    Dozing and Missouri heat

    Green graze (sorghum sudan) does well. We usually get it in around the end of may and get 2-3 cuttings. Good for hay/silage and grazing.
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    Run Silencer squeeze chute with skid steer hydraulics?

    The pressure in the skid steer should be no higher than a mobile power unit, but they will have a lot more flow. I imagine you could feather the hydraulics to work it smooth and slow, if the auxiliaries in your machine are electronic it should have both a constant on/off for mowers and stuff...
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    Jury reaches verdict in Chauvin trial. Announcement imminent

    The guy had a long list of complaints regarding excessive force. Doesn't matter what you did or what color you are, every American has the constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial, not to be snuffed out in the street, beaten, or gunned down, unless the officer is defending his own life...
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    Flat Face Skid Steer Couplers

    Tried it once with the male coupler on our Case 430 skid steer. If I remember right, there were several seals inside, an O-ring, a flat rubber seal like a hydraulic piston uses, and a plastic ring. I replaced the O-ring but it still leaked, couldn't find any of the other seals. I have never...
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    Pressure Washer

    In my experience flow is more important than pressure for blowing mud and grass clippings away. High PSI and low flow will just blow the crap around, high flow and high pressure will actually cut it and wash it away. High pressure is good for cutting grease if that's what you need to do, hot...