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    Thin Gelding

    Quick update on my skinny gelding, he's fat and happy again! I maintained his feeding schedule through the end of the winter and after his round of wormings, he's back to his old self again. Levi is on pasture now and doing extrememly well, he looks great! Thank you all for your comments and...
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    My horses

    WOW! Harry is beautiful you did a super great job!! :clap:
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    Im training these two for a woman in South Dakota, no way would I own an Arab or any type of Arab cross. I rode that Arab cross today with no problems though and two other geldings in training. I dont know what his problem was that night, but I full movement again but straight out from my body...
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    3 week old calve still cant stand with back legs

    My father-in-law had a calf similar to this a few years back. His calf's hind legs barely touched the ground so he walked on his forelegs 99 percent and his back legs would kick wildly. Craig was hoping extra weight as the calf aged would weigh down his hind end and he'd be able to walk...
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    I've been bucked off, thrown off, and jumped off of horses but this last time really hurt! I have a pair of horses I'm training and the half Arab was being frisky the other night. I caught him, groomed him, saddled him, and got on. The first time he threw me I landed like I was sliding into...
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    Thin Gelding

    Yes his teeth are good and he has a great appetite, comes right up and eats heartily, nothing drops out of his mouth. His temperment is great a real passive horse since he was gelded and aims to please. He's by himself so he doesn't get pushed out but he can touch other horses over the fence...
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    Thin Gelding

    Brome is a type of grass hay and the bales are heavy, tightly compacted. Our other horses are on half that ration and no feed. They stand around all winter so there's no use in pushing feed to our horses and we don't believe in feeding alfalfa or free choice to our horses. Our bred mare just...
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    bull calve

    Yeah raining him on a bottle won't make him sterile, but I wouldn't keep a bull for breeding that was bottle fed. Friendly bulls are dangerous bulls, there's nothing like trying to move/sort/treat a bull that doesn't respect you and won't move an inch.
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    Best type of eartags

    Yep these are the ones we use also and have never found one laying in the pasture or have a cow come up with one missing.
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    Thin Gelding

    I have a 4 y/o paint gelding that I just can't seem to put weight on. He's super thin, his hips and withers are prominent, and he just looks like crap. He's fed 3 lbs. of horse feed and a bale of brohm a day. The vet's been out and put him on an aggressive worming schedule and we are only...
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    Hard spots on neck

    My opinion is that they are fat, these bumps are fat deposits. Of course I'm not a vet and you should have them checked out, but in my experience mares that get that cresty studdy neck are over weight. Like my sons quarter pony!
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    Modern Conveniences

    What's one modern convenience you couldn't live without? If you only had one to keep and all others would disappear which one would you want? I'd keep indoor plumbing. I could live as a hunter/gatherer eating berries and bark as long as my cave had a toilet and shower.
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    New Project

    You bet I'll get pictures on when I pick him up. Actually our horse trailer is being built next week so I'll be picking up Monte next Saturday.
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    New Project

    I bought a new project yesterday, pending a vet check. He's a 2 year old QH gelding cattle bred. I spent a lot of time looking him over yesterday and the current owner was more than accomodating, which I greatly appreciated. I'm excited to get him home and get some time with him, when the 60...
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    Help settle an arguement

    At dinner time today my family and I were watching "Terminator 2" when a debate came up. I say that if the Terminator hadn't gone back to the past in the first movie, they wouldn't have had the pieces in the second movie, and thus they wouldn't have had the technology to make the terminators in...