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    I've seen this number quoted in several places. Can someone tell me what goes in to the $500/cow/year figure?
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    Buying a Squeeze Chute

    I would really appreciate seeing your setup, if you wouldn't mind posting some pics.
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    Pipe Corral

    Great site, hadn't seen anything like this. Doesn't list any prices though, which always makes me a little nervous. Have you had good luck with them?
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    So how old are you?

    I'm going to have to remember that one. They say what goes around comes around - I used to tease my dad about being the great bald dome etc... He used to reply that there are only so many perfect heads, the rest the good Lord covered with hair, and that if I wanted waste my...
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    So how old are you?

    'bout 3 years older than I was when this thread first started....
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    How far north can you graze year round?

    Might shoot Agmantoo an e-mail. He's in zone 7 and grazes year round. Here's a link that might help too: ... p?t=286704 It's a very long thread, but in it he explains his approach to MIG in about as understandable way as I have found anywhere.
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    Favorite breed poll

    Fair enough, and I agree with you. Derivatives probably wasn't the most accurate word to use, but most people draw a distinction between the blacks, red, lowlines etc... that's why I specified red, because I don't care for black, even though they are technically the same breed.
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    Favorite breed poll

    Red Angus... On the poll I suppose you could say Angus and derivative breeds, which would include red angus and murrey greys...
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    A few pics to share

    Nice looking cattle. Went to your website to read abit further - the photos there aren't showing up for me - just boxes. Thought you'd want to know. What frame size is Boaz, BTW?
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    Photos of our breeding bulls

    Out of curiosity, what frame sizes are these bulls? I really like the look and EPDs of Maximizer...
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    Question about EPDs and performance data

    Thanks Dun.
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    Question about EPDs and performance data

    Ok, have looked at a couple with Accuracies >90%, and the numbers for their progeny are much closer. Haven't checked about their ancestors being cross registered with AAA yet, though. Why do you think that would matter, by the way?
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    Question about EPDs and performance data

    Well, maybe it's just the low accuracy and relatively low number of offspring. I'll try looking for bulls with higher accuracies and more progeny data.
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    Question about EPDs and performance data

    Not sure I understand your answer. Both of the sellected bulls are in the top 1% for WW and YW EPDs. As I understand it, the EPDs are supposed to give and indication of what the expected diffence in progeny would be... - in other words, two bulls with the same EPD for WW should produce calves...
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    Question about EPDs and performance data

    I decided to search on the top bulls based on BW, WW and YW. Their performance data and progeny averages are all over the place. For example His numbers are: ....CED BW WW YW EPD -3 4.5 64 108 Acc 32 63 54 44 . % 97% 98% 1% 1% Performance...