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  1. Alan

    Feral chickens

    I wonder if Hawaiians know anything about feral chickens? They sure sell lots of BBQ chicken on roadside stands
  2. Alan

    Tiny newborn

    Years ago I had a first time heifer drop a 26lb heifer calf, I was surprised but I could see her nursing and ended up giving her to some friends when she was weaned. They kept her for two additional years and butchered her at just over 700 lbs. it is a need to cull but health wise she did fine.
  3. Alan

    How Old Is Your Father (or would be)?

    My dad is 87, still with us. He is a Korean War vet, when he got out of the navy he went back to work...... soon after he knocked up a coworker! They have been married over 63 years, my older sister is still a pain, lol.
  4. Alan

    Yahoo College Football pick'em

    Doing well, I have survived my divorced and enjoying life. Still have my place but sold all my cattle, slowing down but football season is here! Ducks look good but fall camp has beaten up the WR depth chart. I like the guy we stole from Bama though, good things coming from Cristobal. Thanks...
  5. Alan

    Yahoo College Football pick'em

    Ahhhhhh........ GO DUCKS! Kick Auburns butt! Lol.
  6. Alan


    I have been gone for a while but I see things don't change! Lol. M-5 keep that Duck shirt clean!
  7. Alan

    Contest - 'Showers'

    I could win!
  8. Alan

    school lockdown.. charges pressed.. think of the children!!

    I would be interested in any updates you can provide as this issue continues. I agree the parents should start a backlash of media attention. The boy realized he had it in his pocket and knowing it was wrong reported it so not to get in trouble...... he just didn't realize he was dealing with...
  9. Alan

    rent a bull versus buying a bull

    Last bull I used was a rented bull, $50 per cow for 45 days, he covered them all........ STD's never left my mind.
  10. Alan

    Coho Salmon and Maple Syrup

    You look like an old pro with that smoked salmon! Looks great, I have a few fillets left in the freezer may have to try that recipe!
  11. Alan

    Like Button

    No wonder no one likes my post! ......... ahhhhh..... right? ...... some of you like my post? Right?......
  12. Alan

    NCAA Basketball

    Virginia was a bracket killer! Good news is everyone playing brackets had Virgina except for about six UMBC fans.
  13. Alan

    NCAA Basketball

    Well the PAC 12 is proving they deserved more respect in the seedings!......... wait nevermind.... :lol:
  14. Alan

    Mobile Slaughter of a Beef

    What's really nice is there is no hauling, well only with coolers to pick up the steaks. For the steer all is normal, letting grain and hay in the morning, little grazing in the paddock until forehead meets .22 hornet.
  15. Alan

    Mobile Slaughter of a Beef

    Last time I used that type of operation it was a $45 farm kill and slaughter fee and a .45 cent per pound (hanging weight) cut and wrap fee.