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  1. Aero

    Larry Leonhardt

    Larry had been spoken of highly forever. I wanted to see the cattle that came so highly recommended. I called Larry and told him I would like to visit and we scheduled a two-day visit for the following weekend. I drove to Cowley from Colorado Springs and got there a little after lunch. He and...
  2. Aero

    Bando 598 Semen

    lol nobody is bad-mouthing him; they are stating that he is a carrier for a lethal genetic defect. there is no opinion here... it is just a straight scientific fact.
  3. Aero

    The Murray Grey Bull

    If you like his calves, it doesnt matter what he looks like or what his pedigree is - the whole reason for looking at that stuff is to guess what his calves ill look like... mystery solved.
  4. Aero

    Amount of salt

    pretty weird numbers you have there. 50 lbs of 14% protein per day yields 7 lbs of protein. (0.14 lb of protein per pound of feed) 7 lbs of protein from 40% meal requires 17.5 lbs fed. (7 / 0.4) just looking at protein levels in feed is just as ridiculous as just looking at (1) trait in your...
  5. Aero

    Welcome to my PAP nightmare.

    http://aces.nmsu.edu/ces/animal/documen ... letter.pdf
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    herd bull prices

    just a friendly piece of advice: learn about risk-management before you go broke spending money you don't need to. AI shoots that theory in the foot. why would you pay $5000 for the son of a top tier bull for your program when you can use the original for $20-30/head using AI? I am cheap and...
  7. Aero

    How do you select the bull(s) you are going to breed to?

    eliminate any bulls that have problems. then select on pedigree only.
  8. Aero

    Off the chart!

    Bull 1 (Impressive) - has a pretty standard curve... from birth to weaning, he gained 433 lb => 2.11 lb/day from September to April. (120 WWR) from weaning to yearling, he gained 480 lb => 3.00 lb/day from April to September. (106 YWR) Bull 2 (LOCK 'N' LOAD): from birth to weaning, he gained...
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    Off the chart!

  10. Aero

    Best breed for maternal & terminal bulls

    it's just another way people have confused what a breed is supposed to be. this perversion is usually called "improvement". there is no point in using the name of a breed when it could mean anything. if the only trait consistent about the breed is color, it's not much of a "breed", just a...
  11. Aero

    Best breed for maternal & terminal bulls

    try to make an effort to actually read the words in a post instead of seeing what you are accustomed to reading. i said it didnt matter what breeds you chose; i didnt make any comment about heterosis. yet another assumption made in the darkness...
  12. Aero

    Best breed for maternal & terminal bulls

    uhh... nope; straight up gospel. one day you might move beyond common knowledge. until then, do more reading and less typing.
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    Best breed for maternal & terminal bulls

    dont waste your time trying to figure out the difference between mainstream breeds; there is little difference other than color. What you need to focus on is finding a source of genetics that has cows doing what you want to do. If they are doing it now, you know they can get there. if they arent...
  14. Aero

    SAV Net Worth 4200 (Angus)

    i think you have chosen the correct word: "less" cows. i do think it is quite a misstep to think we have to do it with "fewer" cows.