We've all had our parents tell us to “eat your fruits and vegetables” and remind us of the essential nutrients they contain. Now our cattle can benefit from the same good advice.

Producers across the country have increasingly relied on the use of co-products as an essential part of their cattle feeds. Cumming, Georgia, based firm Viridiun has developed a patent-pending process that can take fruits and vegetables and convert them into a high quality “silage-like” feed. Working in conjunction with Land-grant colleges and regional producers, they have invented a machine that uses a series of mechanical processes to convert fruits and vegetables of all kinds into a uniform feed product.

The process begins with a strict quality-controlled supply of fruits and vegetables that are sourced from retail partners such as grocery stores. This produce is generated when existing supplies are rotated as new product is brought in for stocking. In most cases this produce is in the same stage of ripeness as what we have in our homes. This quality control system continues from a specialized series of bins and trucks that contain the product until it is delivered to the location where it is converted into feed.

This feed trade named Readiblend is high in protein and energy, and can be used as a single feed supplement to available forages, or as an ingredient for blended feeds. Many producers use this high-moisture feed for all classes of cattle, often blending it with co-products such as soyhulls and others, based on regional availability. Consistency of supply is another attraction to this product. As one of the early customer's shares,”it's drought proof and less volatile than many other ingredients…with the wide swings in commodity pricing today, it's good to know I have one consistent variable.”

Currently, the firm operates in eleven states, most of them southeast. For more information go to

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