January 19, 2010 – With the help of retired Texas A&M University Economist, Dr. Jim McGrann, Sexing Technologies (ST) is now offering an Economic Decision Aid for cattle producers interested in using sexed semen. This decision aid is the first of its kind in evaluating the expected return on investment that cattle producers could see when utilizing sexed semen in their AI programs.

“We're very excited to offer this new and valuable tool to cattle producers,” says Juan Moreno, Co-Owner of ST. “Sexed semen is an affordable option that all cattle producers need to consider. It doesn't matter if you are a registered breeder or if you take your commercial calves to the sale barn. In almost all breeding systems, one sex is preferred over the other.”

“In many cases, a bull or heifer pregnancy could mean hundreds and even thousands of dollars per head in revenue to cattlemen,” says Maurice Rosenstein, Co-Owner of ST. “Sexed semen gives any producer the opportunity to create these affordable pregnancies with a 90 percent chance of a bull or a heifer.”

The decision aids are designed to be used by producers themselves. Simply contact ST or log on to the company's website and download a copy of the aid. The producer then enters information about their operation, i.e. labor costs, clean-up bull value, pregnancy percentage, and semen costs, and the decision aid will calculate their approximate return on investment of using sexed semen.

Dr. Jim McGrann says these economic decision aids are designed from the producer's prospective. “When we began this effort we knew the focus had to be on the added costs and returns associated with alternative breeding systems. Where there is a significant gender difference, sexed semen generates a high return for the added investment. The analysis also shows the semen cost is low relative to weaned calf value. The idea is for ranchers to use their own breeding data and calf prices that reflect the value in gender difference to determine sexed semen profitability. We've got this decision aid out in the field now, and we're getting great feedback.”

“ST is committed to providing sexed semen at an affordable price to cattlemen,” says Moreno and Rosenstein. “They can purchase sexed semen or have it processed on their own bulls. Either way, in operations where one sex is worth more than the other, it seriously needs to be considered.”

Sexing Technologies is the world leader in sexed semen. For more information, producers should visit their website at or contact their office in Navasota Texas at (936) 870-3960.


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