(Lincoln, Neb.) – Recent data from the JHL Ranch, Ashby, Neb., a 1,500-head commercial cow operation, indicates that Braunvieh cows have from five to 10 percent more staying power at 9-11 years of age than other breeds in the ranches' commercial herd.

Braunvieh females are well known for their longevity and remain productive well into their teens and many as long as 20 years of age. With increasing costs, cattle producers are looking for any trait or breed benefit that will give them an edge in profitability. Cow longevity is a relevant financial trait in the industry and can help reduce annual cow costs by spreading the high cost of developing and producing replacement heifers over a longer period of time.

JHL Ranch data compares Angus- and Braunvieh-sired replacement females starting in 1998 until 2005. Of the original herd, 47 percent of the Braunvieh-sired females are still in the herd, while 28 percent of the Angus-sired females from the original herd are still in production. Studies of this length are costly for university researchers to perform. Therefore, this type of cow herd data is in short supply. JHL Ranch has turned over their cow longevity data and records to the University of Nebraska for further review.

“In addition to our Braunvieh cows having increased longevity, we have found that our Braunvieh bulls will last three to four years longer than our Angus bulls and service 10 more cows per year. That adds up!” says Merry Brownlee, owner of JHL Ranch.

On January 15, 2010, the BAA will hold their Silver Anniversary National Braunvieh Sale, in Denver at the National Western Stock Show, providing an opportunity for commercial bull buyers and Braunvieh breeders alike to compare the best foundation Braunvieh genetics. For more information visit the Web site


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