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April 28, 2009 -- Following a local investigation in which a cow was apparently killed and butchered with a large butcher knife in a grass pasture alongside County Road 41 in rural Autauga County, the Alabama Cattlemen's Association is sending out notices across the region that the association will pay a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and final conviction of anyone destroying cattle of a member of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association.

“She was fine on Sunday afternoon when we checked that group of cows. We found her carcass the next day which means it must have happened on the night of the April 26th. On top of the obvious loss of one of our animals, she was nursing twin calves that are now orphans,” says Crawford Jones, owner of the butchered animal and President of the Autauga County Cattlemen's Association.

Those with information regarding the incident should contact the Alabama Department of Agriculture's Ag Investigations Unit at 334-240-7208.

Anyone is eligible for this reward if the following conditions are met:

1. The owner of the destroyed cattle must be a member in good standing of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association.

2. One or more of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association's “No Trespassing” signs must have been posted on the farm or ranch where the cattle were stolen.

3. No law enforcement officer, stockyard employee, or the owner, part owner, or employee of the cattle stolen will be eligible for the reward.

4. Only one reward will be paid for each case even though one or more convictions may be obtained based on the same set of facts.

5. The President of the County Cattlemen's Chapter in which the cattle were stolen must certify that all of these rules and regulations have been complied with.

6. Applications for the reward must be filed with the Alabama Cattlemen's Association within 30 days after the final conviction of the person who destroyed the cattle. The Executive Committee of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association shall consider the application for reward and the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and binding on all parties.

If you'd like more information on beef or beef production in Alabama, please contact the Alabama Cattlemen's Association at 334-265-1867 or visit the association online at


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