The Vision of Value: Campaign for Angus, the first capital campaign launched by the Angus Foundation and American Angus Association® to support Angus education, youth and research projects, has now raised more than $5.5 million – toward its $11 million goal set to be raised by Dec. 31, 2011.

With a significant gift of $25,000 to the Angus Foundation, the Iowa Junior Angus Association helped bring the campaign to the half-way mark. Through the establishment of a permanent Iowa Junior Angus Association Scholarship Endowment Fund, the Iowa juniors have designated the funds be used for scholarships through the Angus Foundation's Scholarship Program. Earnings from the fund will support one scholarship to be received by Iowa Junior Angus Association members, and one scholarship designated for members of the National Junior Angus Association.

“After the completion of the 2008 National Junior Angus Show in Iowa, we had a sum of money left over and we knew we wanted to use that money to make a difference in the lives of junior Angus members. After some research, we found out that the Oklahoma Junior Angus Association had also established a scholarship endowment fund with some of their remaining funds from the 2007 National Junior Show, and we decided to donate a portion of our funds to the Angus Foundation as well,” stated Austin Brandt, Iowa Junior Angus Association president.

“It's profoundly meaningful and even symbolic that Angus youth took us over the half-way milestone as this campaign is about the future of our Angus breed. Investments today in our Angus youth, education and research will help tomorrow's Angus breeders be the leaders of the beef cattle industry,” said Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. “It's even more humbling when junior members see the benefit in giving back to their fellow junior members through the Angus Foundation.”

“Indeed, this investment by Angus youth in Iowa believing in the future of the Angus breed is very humbling. I encourage Angus breeders across the country to accept this as a challenge to also believe in the future of the Angus breed and make a contribution to the campaign,” said Phil Trowbridge, president of the Angus Foundation Board of Directors.

“Through this fundraising effort, the Angus breed will be empowered to continue its prominence in the beef cattle industry,” says Howard Hillman, who serves as chairman of the Angus Foundation's campaign leadership cabinet. “Educational programs will grow, youth opportunities will expand and research will advance.”

The Campaign for Angus aims to raise $3.5 million to fund educational programs, $6 million to further support Angus youth and $1.5 million to bolster research activities. Cash gifts and planned giving commitments made to the Angus Foundation since Oct. 1, 2004, count toward fulfilling these campaign goals.

Now nearing the end of the third year of the campaign, the Angus Foundation continues to look for ways to advance the Angus breed. Through the support of past, present and future donors the mission of the Angus Foundation will be fulfilled.

“The American Angus Association and Angus Foundation truly appreciate the generous financial support from our members and friends to Vision of Value: Campaign for Angus, especially in these challenging economic times. For Angus youth to step up to the plate and take us over the half-way mark toward our $11 million goal, we as parents and adults can only have enormous pride and confidence in the future of the Angus breed, our country and our Association,” stated Bryce Schumann, CEO of the American Angus Association.

The Angus Foundation, the not-for-profit affiliate of the American Angus Association, secures and stewards charitable gifts to foster the advancement of activities benefiting the agricultural industry and the Angus breed.


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