Lincoln, Neb. – Braunvieh breeders Mike Long of Rocking L Cattle Co. and Mike Long, Nick Long and Matt Traster of LLT Cattle Co. from Ulysses, Kansas continued their success in the Beef Empire Steer Trial (BEST) contest held in conjunction with Beef Empire Days in Garden City, Kansas. They have won this contest with Braunvieh-influenced cattle for the past four years.

For over a decade at nationally recognized carcass contests, Braunvieh and Braunvieh-influenced cattle have shown their unique ability to lower carcass yield grades while posting exceptional carcass quality grades. The BEST contest was no exception with three divisions, including: rate-of-gain, carcass and a combined division. This year, Rocking L- and LLT-bred cattle had 10 entries in a field of 40. Their cattle placed first, second and third in the overall results. Additionally, Rocking L-bred cattle won grand champion and reserve grand champion in the combined gain and carcass division.

The champion steer posted an average daily gain of 4.569, yield grade of 2.23 and a “Choice-” quality grade. He placed seventh in the carcass division, fourth in rate-of-gain and was named the overall winner with the lowest combined scores. The champion steer was 5/8 Braunvieh and 3/8 Angus, out of a percentage Braunvieh cow and a Braunvieh bull.

The reserve champion steer had an average daily gain of 4.277, yield grade of 2.25 and an “Average Choice” quality grade. This steer was 1/2 Braunvieh sired by PFI Forecast, a fullblood Braunvieh bull, and out of a commercial Angus cow. The second and third place overall steers as well as the second, third and fifth place carcass steers all graded choice and were also sired by PFI Forecast owned by Rocking L and Pella Farms, Inc., Adams, Neb.

The BEST steers are evaluated for feedyard performance and carcass value. Entries are taken to a designated feedyard, fed for a 30-day warm-up period then placed on feed for 137 days. Rocking L and LLT entries were born between mid-May and mid-June and backgrounded from November 1 to February 21 on ground cornstalks and 40 percent wet distiller's grain. The cattle were harvested in early July making the winning animals 13 to 14 months of age.

Braunvieh cattle are a total package – including a live, well muscled calf with high growth, which is essential to all cattlemen's profit equations; moderately framed cows with maternal ability and fertility for profit-minded producers; and a feeder calf prone to good health that converts well and has grid value potential for progressive cattle feeders. Many benefits, from growth and carcass value of the Braunvieh-sired steers to the fertility and productivity of F1 daughters, are well documented in research. Braunvieh is a fast growing breed and one of the first breeds in North America to begin RFI testing and offering that data to bull buyers. A relatively new measure of feed efficiency, residual feed intake (RFI) is an individual record taken during long-term feeding trials that measures feed offered, feed refused and average daily gain. For more information call (402) 466-3292 or visit and


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