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The American Angus Association® has created an online tool to help commercial cow-calf producers identify the most important management priorities for their individual operations. This interactive tool allows producers to assess where they are the strongest and weakest in their management strategies to determine where they should place their management priorities in order to increase profitability in their cow herd.

“We realize that there are so many management areas that effect profitability on the ranch. Some producers can control such as labor and herd health, and others that are some what out of their reach like the climate and economy,” says Ty Groshans, Association director of commercial programs. “The Prodcer Priority Finder allows producers to look at 15 management practices to evaluate where they might need to place more emphasis to make their operation more profitable.”

The Producer Priority Finder is an online tool that allows producer to rank on a scale of 1 to 5, their strongest and weakest areas of 15 management categories, based on the results of a 2006 study conducted by Tom Field, Priorities First: Identifying Management Priorities in the Commercial Cow-Calf Business. Once a producer ranks the management strategies, the Priority Finder results reveal the five areas of greatest weakness, where the producer should place more emphasis on his or her operation.

“Cow-calf producers are overwhelmed by their workload along with the massive volumes of available information and advice on individual aspects of their business. We hope producers find this tool useful in staying profitable,” Groshans says.

The Producer Priority Finder can be accessed online at Producers who want more information about the top 15 management priorities can access online version of Priorities First or request a printed copy of the 32-page report by contacting the Association's Communications Department.

The Producer Priority Finder is just one of several tools that the American Angus Association provides to its more than 34,000 members and thousands of commercial producers who use Angus genetics nationwide. For more information about this or any of the Association's programs and services, log onto or call 816-383-5100.


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