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Greg Comstock has been named Executive Secretary of the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA). Comstock has served the RAAA as the Marketing Programs Coordinator since 2003, where he directed breed promotion and the development of several facets of RAAA's commercial marketing programs. Age verification, electronic ID capabilities and an umbrella program for cooperating feedyards are all components of the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP), whose design and implementation occurred during Comstock's involvement. With over 1 million head of cattle enrolled, from more than 3000 producers, the Red Angus FCCP remains the seedstock industry's most experienced source verification program.

A Virginia native, and alumnus of Virginia Tech, Comstock conveys 25 years of experience in the beef industry, with breed associations and producers on both the marketing and genetic improvement fronts. As a Red Angus breeder and consultant, Comstock served on the Red Angus Strategic Planning Committee before joining the RAAA staff, and has maintained an active part of Red Angus' strategic plan during his five year tenure with the breed. This committee evaluates long term breed position vs. industry challenges and customer needs prior to recommending long and short term priorities and strategies.

Shortly after joining the RAAA staff, Comstock developed Pro-Cow, a marketing solution for Red Angus influenced commercial replacement females. Pro-Cow was designed to enhance the visibility of superior maternal traits expressed by the Red Angus female and provide additional marketing opportunities for the female half of the calf crop. In its first 4 years, over 75,000 Pro-Cow females were traded via their listing on the Red Angus website. The GridMaster program followed on the heels of Pro-Cow. GridMaster, Red Angus' carcass awards program, recognizes producers and feeders who have achieved outstanding carcass results through their use and management of Red Angus genetics.

Comstock's commitment to leadership development resulted in the creation of the Red Angus Young Guns Program. Young Guns is a summer conference held each July in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Young Guns utilizes an interactive program to advance strategic planning, management, networking, and leadership skills.

Comstock's progressive thinking has made Red Angus Marketing Programs the envy of the industry, and his commitment to Red Angus breeders and their customers has been a catalyst for increasing Red Angus market share. As Executive Secretary, Comstock will oversee staff development, member services, industry relations, and association infrastructure. His vision of breed growth will challenge all Red Angus stakeholders to focus on breed growth through the continual improvement of their collective product, providing added value customer service, effectively relating the Red Angus message to the industry and searching out symbiotic relationships for Red Angus with industry partners.


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