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Larry and Jean Croissant were honored by their peers by earning the Red Angus Association of America's (RAAA) Breeder of the Year Award. The Croissants received the award at the 2007 National RAAA Convention held in Dodge City, Kan., September 26 – 29 at the historic Dodge House Hotel and Convention Center. They were presented the award by Donnell and Kelli Brown, RA Brown Ranch of Throckmorton, Texas; long time friends, customers and one of the industry's largest seedstock producers.

Croissant Red Angus is a family owned and operated seedstock operation located in Briggsdale, Colo. Larry and Jean along with their son in law and daughter, Kevin and Sallie Miller, strive for disciplined and balanced trait selection. They are committed to raising efficient and maternal based cattle whose progeny possess superior carcass traits. Croissant Red Angus has a standing policy of culling all open females allowing no excuses as to the reasons why the animal(s) failed to breed. This has accelerated their cattle's fertility and earned their program credibility from their customers. Other Red Angus producers have taken notice of Croissant's breeding program and taken advantage by utilizing their genetics in their own seedstock operations.

Croissant Red Angus hosts an annual sale in March, last year they sold approximately 50 head of bulls raised in their operation, and offer animals private treaty throughout the year. Croissant's mission statement reads, “Our goal is to produce the best possible seedstock in a commercial production environment without excess feeding and pampering. We use proven AI sires, manage our cattle in large contemporary groups, and collect all data from birth to harvest, providing the best described seedstock possible.” The Croissants understand the needs of their customers, the commercial cattlemen. They treat their herd the same way their customers do, forcing their females to produce within the environment they are raised. This strict dedication to producing efficient cattle has allowed the program to receive the attention of the nation's bull studs. They currently have two bulls, LJC Javelin M08 and LJC Mission Statement P27, being collected and marketed by Genex Cooperative, Inc.

“We feed out all our non-selected registered seedstock and commercial calves to harvest at our ranch. We also purchase calves from some of our customers and add them to this group. This allows us to get performance data including carcass data to harvest. This data is invaluable to us, our customers, and the breed. It is not only tied to individual bulls, but is also tied back to our individual cows to more accurately describe their contribution to the calf crop.”, states Larry. The quality of Croissant bred feeder cattle earned two RAAA's GridMaster Carcass Awards this past year after being harvested on the Angus America Grid.

Along with his dedication to their program, as well as their customers' success, Larry has served on RAAA's Board of Directors for multiple terms. Taking a leadership role and personal commitment to the direction the RAAA is headed in the beef industry. His input and energy have been greatly appreciated by the Association and his fellow producers. The RAAA is excited to have a member as progressive in their approach to producing better beef as Croissant Red Angus and honored to present them with the Breeder of the Year Award for 2007.


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