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Santa Gertrudis is "America's First Beef Breed". Developed at the famous King Ranch in Texas, beginning in 1918, the breed (a blend of Brahman and Shorthorn) was recognized as a new breed by the USDA in 1940. Santa Gertrudis are famous for rapid and efficient growth, solid red color, hardiness, and good disposition. They are adaptable to many environments, and are present throughout the US and in many other countries, especially Australia, South Africa, Central and South America.


The Commercial Approach

    As the beef industry prepares for the next millennium, Santa Gertrudis genetics and programs are also changing to meet the demands of the beef industry. Cattle producers have responded to these demands by selecting genetics that perform in the pasture, feedlot and in the retail meat markets of the world. This is a tall order for any breed of cattle to fill. Producers that excel in this arena must have genetics that are time tested. The Star Five program was created to provide commercial cattle producers with genetics that are supported with records, performance and more importantly, breeder support after the sale.
     The Board of Directors of Santa Gertrudis Breeders International recently approved the final component of this new program to aid members in market­ing percentage Santa Gertrudis. The name given to this program, Star Five, reflects the heritage of the Santa Gertrudis cattle. Each point of the star represents an essential focus of beef cattle breeding, fertility, milking ability, gain ability, conformation and disposition. The Star Five program will keep track of this information in the form of a recording paper.
     Santa Gertrudis influence cattle in most markets lose their identity as Santa Gertrudis. When marketing Santa Gertrudis influence cattle, the sale managers have routinely referred to the animals by the other breed represented in the cross. This is despite the animal having a large percentage of Santa Gertrudis genetics in their ancestry. In most cases, the other breeds have taken credit for the superior traits that the Santa Gertrudis influence cattle possess. Star Five will identify animals as Santa Gertrudis influenced and start to improve the market share and perception for Santa Gertrudis producers.
     Star Five will allow Santa Gertrudis members to identify the percentage of Santa Gertrudis in an offspring when 50 percent or greater. This information submitted  by the breeder can include vital breeding information, performance and other breeder collect data. This information in the form of a recordation paper that is presented to the buyer of the animal at the time of purchase. This program is also directly tied to the grading up program that has been part of the breed from its conception.
     For a Star Five recording packet contact: SGBI, P.O. Box 1257, Kingsville, Texas, 78364. (512) 592-9357; (512) 592-8572, Fax.


Alabama Affiliate
Howard Tinney
Hanceville, AL  35077
Work:  800-695-3511   Home:  208-352-5878
Kentucky Affiliate
Linda Sherrell
Bowling Green, KY  42104
Home:  502-529-9013
Carolinas Affiliate
Evan Plyler
Matthews, NC  28105
Home:  704-821-8572
Louisiana Affiliate
Willard Dunigan
St. Amant, La  70774
Home:  504-675-5568
Florida Affiliate
Dan Honeywell
Orlando, FL  32801       
Work:  352-493-1409   Home:  407-644-2073
Mid-South Affiliate
Gene McCarter
Michie, TN  38357
Home:  901-239-2323
Georgia Affiliate
Harry Marett
Jackson, GA  30233
Work:  770-775-2555   Home:  770-775-0714
Mississippi Affiliate
Andy Fullington
Terry, MS  39170
Home:  601-878-9615


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  Vernon Lane, Owner  [click here]

  Mark & Dixie Clay, Owners [click here]

  Carroll Edwards, Owner[click here] 

  Howard Tinney, Owner[click here] 


Make plans to attend these Santa Gertrudis upcoming events!
* Sale that are bold are advertised in Cattle Today *

December 9, 2000 -- Cattleman's Kind Bull Sale, Crockett, TX
February 13, 2001 -- Dixie National Fair Santa Gertrudis Show, Jackson, MS
February 21-24, 2001 -- SGBI's 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting & Celebration, Houston, TX
February 24, 2001 - Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis Super Sale, Houston, TX
March 9-11, 2001 -- Tennessee Beef Agribition, Murfreesboro, TN
March 16, 2001 -- National Santa Gertrudis Show & Sale, Montgomery, AL


For more information on Santa Gertrudis Cattle Contact :

Claude "Tubby" Smith, SGBI Eastern Customer Representative
117 Dave Lane -- Maryville, TN  37801 -- Phone:  (423) 380-9485


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