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November 21, 2015
Jacksonville, Texas

The biggest crowd in the history of the fall bull sale at Cavender's Neches River gathered to appraise what has become the largest standing Brangus and Ultrablack bull sale in the state of Texas on November 21 in Jacksonville. This offering, loaded with quality from end to end and encompassing not only Brangus and Ultrablack bulls but Charolais bulls and commercial Brangus females as well, was readily absorbed by the packed house and scattered to new owners across the United States, from the desert of Nevada to the heart of Florida's cow country and further north than I-90.

Leading off the power packed set of Brangus and Ultrablack bulls was Lot 32 from Cavender Brangus, CB Chisholm 415B2. A moderate framed, ultra-complete individual stacking two of the high revenue generating cow families in the breed in an extremely balanced package, this herd sire prospect landed in the hands of Johnston Farms, Letohatchee, Ala., at $20,000 for 2/3rd interest and full possession. Selling shortly thereafter and ringing the bell as the second high selling individual for the day was a second generation Ultrablack from Johnston Farms in Lot 177, WAT Tribute 722B10. A balanced calving ease prospect with an extra pop in performance, this intriguing herd sire was selected by longtime Brangus breeder and GENETRUST customer Mo Williams of MO Brangus, Longwood, Florida for $17,500.

When the sun set on this outstanding offering of bulls, 77 coming 2-year-old Brangus and Ultrablack bulls averaged $7,055 with 99 yearling Brangus and Ultrablack bulls averaging $5,917 for a total of 176 bulls that averaged $6,415. The Babcock Ranch, Punta Gorda, Fla., and T Quarter Circle Ranches Inc., Winnemucca, Nevada were the volume Brangus and Ultrablack bull buyers for the day.

A stout offering of Charolais bulls followed next in the day's events highlighted by Lot 228 from Sturgess' Double S Cattle Company in the form of JGS Long Shot B411. An elite growth and maternal sire with impressive individual performance, Albert Charolais, Kenedy, Texas, became the proud new owner at $15,000. Similar in his type and performance, Lot 235 was also a popular choice of the Charolais crowd seeking a combination of growth, carcass and maternal. Also coming from the Sturgess family, JGS LD Bravado B430 was again selected by Albert Charolais of Kenedy, Texas, this time at $14,000.

The snappy Charolais portion of the sale saw 73 coming 2's average $6,003 and seven yearlings average $3,964 for a total of 80 Charolais bulls to average $5,825. Bryce Lindskov, Isabel, S. D., was the volume buyer of the highly sought after Charolais bulls.

Becoming known as a great source of replacement females all over the country, the crowd hung throughout the day, waiting on a tremendous set of top end females from the Cavender crew and its other GENETRUST customer consignors. Highlighted by a tremendous set of 16 pairs from Cavender's selling to repeat GENETRUST customer Tony Lehoski of Uvalde, Texas at $4,400, the commercial offering was on fire from start to finish. When the dust settled, 16 commercial Brangus pairs averaged $4,400, 15 commercial Brangus open heifers averaged $4,067 and a phenomenal 428 commercial Brangus bred heifers averaged $2,633. Volume buyers for the day were Ken Pilgrim, Pittsburg, Texas, Nat Coleman, Palestine, Texas and Rusty Davis, Russellville, Arkansas.

The GENETRUST partners will head to Eureka, Kansas March 22, 2016 for the next offering of Brangus and Ultrablack genetics where 170 power packed bulls will be selling at the highly revered Suhn Cattle Company. The following month, it'll be back to Cavender's Neches River Ranch in Jacksonville, Texas for 150 registered Brangus females and 400 top commercial females on April 23, 2016. For more information on these upcoming sales, private treaty offerings or semen sales from the leading Brangus seedstock supplier in the United States visit www.


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