Angus for beef

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Re: Angus for beef

Post by ChrisB » Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:55 am

Jeanne - Simme Valley wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:51 am
ChrisB - here's a couple reports I quickly found. There have been years and years of comparison dating back to the 70's. It generally boils down to about 8% difference. the second report is from Nebraska and I posted the RESULTS.
I feed a 30% protein pellet to begin with, trying to balance to a 14% ration after weaning. At probably about 9-10 months they are on WSC with good grass hay. Remember, the hay will bring up the total protein consumed. I shoot for butchering at 12-13 months of age and they will have a 725-775# carcass and be easily Choice or Choice +. I have repeat customers that know their steaks.
Butch has a good point as far as size & conversion. If you take a weaned calf and just "grow" him slowly, THEN, start to push him, you will get slower growth on the "pushed" time. You need to keep their plane of growth in the highest level. They are growing quickly on mom's milk, don't slow them down. ... ow-ration/ ... malscinbcr
Treatment daily gains, dry matter intakes and feed conversions are presented
in Table 1. Performance was similar for
cracked corn fed in a mixed ration or
separately from the other ingredients as
well as for whole corn fed mixed. There
were non-significant reductions in gain
and feed efficiency when whole corn
was fed separately from the other ingredients. When corn DM mixing and cracking charges were included ($.20/cwt for
either charge), total feed costs/lb of gain
were similar for all rations. Although the
ingredients other than corn were always
mixed in this trial, eliminating all mixing
charges for the ration with whole corn
fed separately would make this a very
competitive option. Thus farmers and
ranchers who do not have corn processing or feed mixing equipment can expect
to obtain competitive rates and costs of
gain by feeding whole corn separately
from forage components in calf growing
rations designed to produce daily gains
of 2.5 to 2.75 lb/day
I guess, I may have misread. I was not asking about whole shelled vs. cracked or rolled. But I thought you were feeding shelled corn/grass hay as the sole ration without any other protein sources.

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Re: Angus for beef

Post by Jeanne - Simme Valley » Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:15 am

I start them out with a protein pellet because just corn is only 9%. this would depend on how old/big your steers are when you start them. Mine are 6-7 months of age. they need at least 14% protein to start.
If you have high protein hay, you probably can balance with just that and the corn. I don't always know the "why's" anymore, just doing what hubby taught me to do over the years (yes, he was a nutritionist). Working good, getting those kind of carcasses at such a young age. Makes satisfied customers. I only feed out about 3-4 head each year. These are strictly fall born steers. Do not have the space to separate & feed spring born steers through the winter.
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