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Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:48 am
by darcelina4
Selling cattle or other animals or stuff is nothing new. I do it all the time. My farm is a cash in then cash out deal that needs constant cash in. But was is newish and becoming constant is the TROLLS I have to deal with while trying to sell my goods. I dont know if it because they dont want competition with what they are selling or what else could be there motivation but I've had to block so many people on facebook for commenting nonsense on my posts. I posted a little pet steer this morning on a site. Within one minute a troll was posting how he wasn't show quality and should go to the salebarn. The was not a show calf site. There are all kinds of random cattle on this site. He is a midsized miniature that is halter broke and was used in a petting zoo. He isn't priced like a ffa steer would be priced. He will make a nice pet or later dinner for someone and is priced accordingly. Usually on horse ads it is young women who dont work, have a baby or 2 by a "fiance" doing the trolling. They want your horse for free and get offended when you dont oblige. Even when I sold German Shepherds, I got trolls trying to get free puppies, then criticizing the quality when I hold my price. I sell rabbits too. Same problem with people saying they are crap when I wont give away. We have the grand champion bunnies at our country fair several straight years. In fact we have had champion every where we have shown so I know I have the best bunnies in my area. I do even have repeat out of state customers coming for my lionheads..... The point to my rant is- is this just my area or are people just becoming rude everywhere? Do you lower the price for people that throw a tantrum? I dont. Are there people who do? Do you all have trolls on your sale pages?

Re: Trolls

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:18 am
by cowgal604
Selling “pet” cows is just an odd business. That’s mainly what I sell. If not pets then some mix breed that’s tame and priced over a beef animal of the same size and meant for a small farmer who is just wanting an easy going animal. Im not trying to win any shows or even win at weight. It’s funny Bcs many of my friends who are producing for beef laugh at me but when they have a tiny steer that didn’t work out that they can’t sell they always send them my way. I Repurpose it. Not everyone is in the cow business for beef. Maybe you’re not advertising on the right page. Craigslist and Facebook works for me. I also call around to petting zoos and such so they know what I have.

Re: Trolls

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:21 am
by TennesseeTuxedo

Trolls, hate em.