Case IH 5230 Magnum

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Re: Case IH 5230 Magnum

Post by Texasmark » Thu Dec 19, 2019 3:15 am

No idea as to your equipment but a few points:
1. I have a home built log splitter and I put a pressure gauge at the inlet to the hydraulic filter which is mounted at the inlet to the reservoir. I use the same premium THD fluid that my modern tractors require. The other day I decided to cut wood on a in N. Texas day, and fired up the pump. Accidentally noticed that the gauge was reading like 20 psig with the Open Center hydraulic system just circulating fluid. I was letting the engine warm up before I started working it and when I got ready to start I happened to notice the pressure had dropped to single digits.....where I had expected it to be when I started the engine.

2. I recall that J20C and J20D are two different fluids and the latter is for cold temperatures. To me that translates to a lower viscosity fluid, even though they both may be 10W-30 vs 5w-20 as an example. I use J20c as a reference point when selecting premium THD fluids because it is usually listed on a label if any spec., and it covers my newer tractor's requirements even though they aren't green.
3. I recall that all premium hyd fluids are not the same viscosity at a given temperature per their published data sheets.

For a shotgun solution to your problem, you might look around at the viscosity index of your current premium fluid and check out other manufacturer's fluids for lower viscosity. Your comments tell me that your fluid is too thick and your tractor is responding adversely. For your usage, seems to me that changing fluid and filter on your current schedule, is more than adequate to ensure clean fluid. I think viscosity is biting you!

Good luck.

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Re: Case IH 5230 Magnum

Post by Jeanne - Simme Valley » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:21 am

Txmark - thanks for that detailed info. I can not check what we used because can is gone - but - here in NY, we deal with COLD, so always buy good quality hi-tran from a tractor dealer.
I still have not started it up in really, really cold temps again. Every winter, we watch the weather and always try to avoid the absolute worse temps. We had lows of 0F and highs of teens for two days. Today will be high near 30 and plan to feed today. Obviously, I can "avoid" bad temps for only a limited time. Low temps is our winter!!!! Reprieve - we have the next 5 days in mid 30's and lows in mid 20's. Heaven!! Heading to Rhode Island on Monday thru Thurs. Fill-in person will only have to feed on Tuesday (and HE IS a mechanic!!! His dad's shop is where I have everything worked on.) We feed every 2 or 3 days - to 6 groups.
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